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EbikeTec: Finally an exhibiton and a conference for eBikeTec in France

Munich Expo and ExtraEnergy France join together to organise an event around the industry of electric two-wheelers.

From 16 to 18 April.


“France has the potential to become one of the most attractive markets for electric two-wheelers in Europe“..., therefore Munich Expo and ExtraEnergy France join together to organise an event around the industry of electric two-wheelers. The eBikeTec contains a conference and an exhibition, it takes place in April 2013 in Porte de Versailles, at the same time as the 4th international congress eCarTec. Due to many years of experience, the French organisation for the promotion of two-wheelers ExtraEnergy France has detected, that the usual electric two-wheel exhibitions fail to make the grade of the public and professionals. The aim of the exhibition is to boost the electric two-wheeled mobility of the French market and to rise a potential industrial sector.

For this,  3 visions or target groups take centre stage:

1. Long term vision: Manufacturers, constructors and designers will represent  their different technologies, know-how and components to inform existing bicycle manufacturers or those who want to enter the French electric two-wheeled vehicle market, about the possibilities of electric vehicles, in terms of «Made in France», and to indicate the respective advantages.

Furthermore, the eBikeTec conference takes centre stage as well. The conference is held by European speakers who already have experiences in the area of electric two-wheeled vehicles. The subject of the conference is the development of an electric two-wheel industry in France which deals with the following subject areas:

- the market situation in France vs. Europe, - boost the market with local industrialisation, - feedback of market players, - aspects of acceptance certificate, - marketing networks and the growth through export.

The interest of entering the French electric two-wheeled vehicle market should be sparked or strengthened by this exchange of experiences.

>> registration form for exhibitors (PDF)

2. Mid term vision:
Bicycles and motorcycles dealers are invited to participate in a friendly skill competition, the "eBike Dealer of Excellence Masterclass", which will be conducted in conjunction with the ebike academy. A complete set of technical and background questions about the entire electric two-wheel industry will be posed. With successful participation the dealer will receive an honouring trophy which confirms a level of expertise in given standards needed for the distribution of electric two-wheelers.

>> further information

3. Short time vision: Consumers and final users have the possibility to test a wide range of electric two-wheeled vehicles on an dedicated test track, provided by ExtraEnergy France. Manufacturers and distributors of electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and scooters enable potential customers to test their vehicles in order to give a feeling, experience the electric two-wheeled vehicles for the first time and to inform them about the functionality. The test track is public for all visitors and it is an vital part of the eBikeTec.

The eBikeTec offers a detailed program to give a maximum of information and possibilities all around the subject electric two-wheeled vehicles to the visitors. The 3 visions strengthen the existing potential in Europe where already more than 300 different models are produced, Pedelecs, Ebikes, Escooter and motorcycles combined. The French development of the electric two-wheel industry is even further behind in comparison to the neighboring countries Germany and the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the French market has, particularly with the electric mobility of two-wheeled vehicles, the possibility to expand its potential and to set up the brand „Made in France“. For this purpose the eBikeTec Paris is organised for 2013.

For all further information:

conference / exhibition eBikeTec 16 -18 april 2013

Christina POSCH – project leader eBikeTec

ExtraEnergy France, 3 rue du vieil renversé, 69005  LYON

info@ebiketec.fr - www.ebiketec.fr

telephone : +33 9  50  58  50  44

Copy: Christina Posch

Picture: eBikeTec

12 November 2012

Updated: 10 December 2012




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