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New: Laboratory Tests

ExtraEnergy started cooperating with the test laboratories and SLG in 2009, to put the basics in place for the GS certification of electric bikes. These laboratories test the mechanical strength of bikes and their conformity to standards.

For the first time, one specimen of each test bike will go into the test laboratory after the Spring 2009 test rides in Tanna, where the state of the technology will be determined and a scientific basis for the test established, to enable the laboratories to issue GS Certificates for electric bikes from next year.

The results of the tests done by to determine the durability of the bikes, and by SLG to determine their conformity to standards, will not flow into the overall assessment of the test bikes this year.

Mechanical safety at
Ever more pedelec frames broke in recent years, which moved ExtraEnergy to develop a mechanical strength test for electric bikes in cooperation with in Schweinfurt. Bikes are subjected to endurance tests on special test benches.

A visit to website

Conforming to standards at SLG
Another question is to what extent bikes conform to the regulations, which get ever more complex, especially when it comes to the electronics of the bikes (eg. the electro-magnetic compatibility). To serve as a practical guideline, all the bikes in the 2009 test will be checked for their conformity to the standards by the SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH in Chemnitz.

SLG website

GS Certificate from 2010
The goal of the three organizations, namely ExtraEnergy, and SLG, is to award GS Certificates for electric bikes from 2010, and in that way ensure their mechanical safety and conformity to the standards. The GS Certificate will then be offered to manufacturers participating in ExtraEnergy tests as an optional extra.

Last changed: 13 May 2009



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