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TEST IT Tour wins new Target Groups

ExtraEnergy is running a splendid comeback of the TEST IT Tour. The Tour 2009 reaches out to new horizons and plans to show up on events on tourism, environment and others to make electric bikes known to a broader audience than cyclists and the cycle industry only.

In 2009, ExtraEnergy will again take part in all key trade shows of the bicycle industry (Taipei Cycle Show, Eurobike) and organize the supporting program refering to electric bikes. At quite a number of events apart from the bicycle field, pedelecs and e-bikes of different manufacturers will be available for test riding at the ExtraEnergy test track and provide customers with the best possible overview of products sold in Europe.

New Business Sectors, new Customers
For 2009, ExtraEnergy has put together a TEST IT Tour for all key manufactrers of the electric bike field to take part in: The tour includes events that attract customers outside the bicycle branch such as environment conventions, 50+, tourism events and others. This way, the TEST IT Track will be presented in many German cities and also some other European countries.

The TEST IT Tour started in February 2009. The schedule includes 1-2 events per month.

For Manufacturers:

Please let us know which of the pre-selected events and tour dates are most interesting for you. The ExtraEnergy team very much appreciates your feedback.

Tour schedule and SHORT (!) questionnaire

(PDF download, 216KB)

April 15, 2009



3rd to 6th March 2021, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

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