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Test Seal: Quality makes itself Known

Good test results are rewarded! Since the 2002 Test, ExtraEnergy has been rewarding all successfully tested products with Test Seals - either "Very Good", or "Good".

The aim of the Test Seal is to separate high quality products from mediocre products on the market. By initiating the Test Seal, ExtraEnergy demonstrates its support for innovative manufacturers of quality products. Recipients of Test Seals may use their awards to market their products.

The Test Seal helps customers make the many difficult decisions facing them when purchasing electric bikes and pedelecs. It will also steer customers away from products which may disappoint them.

Since the 2005/06 Test, the distinctive Seal with the sun has had a different color every year. For the 2009 Test, the Seal was redesigned to fit in with the new corporate image of ExtraEnergy.

TestSeal 2009 for download
Pedelec Very good (EPS 20.4MB)
Pedelec Good (EPS 39.2MB)
E-bike Very good (EPS 20.3MB)
E-bike Good (EPS 19.5MB)

All Test Seals as PDF (13.8MB)

German Test Seals

Test Seals of previous years

Last updated: 7 July 2009



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