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23 March 2007: Global Market and Legislation 

This day was an exciting discussion platform for representatives of the Chinese government, the international trade audience, legislation experts of the Germany TUV, and industry leaders. Overviews of the EU and US markets were also part of the agenda.

Visit to Pihsiang
The last seminar day began with a factory tour to Pihsiang near Hsinchu. Pedelecs, e-bikes, wheelchairs and small electric cars of Pihsiang are known under “Shoprider” brand name. The factory at which 200 employees assemble Shoprider electric vehicles impressed by its well-organized production lines and a fully automatic storage. Shoprider factory in China is said to be “only” 20 times as big …

Japan most innovative
Back to the seminar venue, markets and regulations in China, Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Canada were on the agenda. Attention caught the plan of Panasonic to built underground parking lots for pedelecs including charging stations. Above-ground parking lots are getting scarce in Tokyo, even for bicycles. For the same reason, Panasonic has established rental stations for the inhabitants of apartment buildings in Tokyo––there is not enough room for a bicycle for everyone.

China's concerns

In contrast to such progressive market activity, a number of provinces in China (Guangzhou, Fuzhou, and others) have prohibited the use of e-bikes because they are said to be too dangerous. E-bikes are faster than pedestrians and slower than motorbikes or cars, there are too many different speed modes on one road, which causes accidents. In most Chinese cities e-bikes are neither permitted nor forbidden by law. In these places and the provinces where e-bikes are expressively permitted, the market continues to boom. The rapid urbanization and motorization creates a large demand among the middle and low class. As Mr. Feng Liguang from the China Urban Sustainable Transport Research Centre reported, an e-bike is the most suitable means of transportation to fill the blank between bicycle and car. In 2005 e-bike possession in China almost reached 15 million. With growing car ownership China is facing a serious problem: Traffic emissions already cause 60% of the country’s air pollution. The government is taking measures to promote low emission energy saving vehicles––to the benefit of e-bikes.

New Market: Indonesia

Mario Rivaldi, owner of Betrix electric bicycle and scooter brand reported about a market that was almost unheard of before: Indonesia. With consumer finance offers, good products of different price levels, 24-hour hotline, home service, lobbying, a monthly Betrix magazine and the establishment of a Betrix community, Mr. Rivaldi has reached remarkable success in a potentially big but demanding market.


All presentations were given in English.

Proposal to accelerate the market size and average quality of sold products
Hannes Neupert, ExtraEnergy, Germany
Online preview

Electric transportation in China, options and obstacles
Liguang Feng, China Sustanable Transportations, China

Pedelec – another kind of bicycle? How the European Cyclist Federation looks at pedelecs
Bernhard Ensink, ECF, Belgium

Legal categories for LEV‘s in Europe

Wolfgang Wagner, TUV Rheinland, Taipei, Taiwan

Governments policy and strategy for E-Scooter promotion in Korea
Dong-Soo Jeong, KIMM, Korea

Pedelec market status and legislation in the South Korean market
Jongkoo Jeong, ExtraEnergy, Korea

Political support for E-Scooters in Switzerland

Urs Schwegler, NewRide, Switzerland

Advanced technologies driving Japanese Pedelec market
Kaz Suzuki, Panasonic Cycle, Japan

Indonesia LEV Market development
Mario Rivaldi, Betrix, Indonesia

The Canadian pedelec market - how BionX sells power assist as fitness tool
Pascal Larose, BionX, Canada

Optibikes sporty way to get Americans biking to work
Jim Turner, Optibike, USA




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