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22 March 2007: Technology

Innovative motor, transmission sensor, power electronics, and chip manufacturers presented their achievements and future strategies. ExtraEnergypresented the latest pedelec and e-bike test results

After the opening speech of ITRI President Johnsee Lee, ExtraEnergy presented the results of last year’s Pedelec and E-Bike Test. Evaluating the results of 36 pedelecs and e-bikes, Test Manager Frieder Herb, found that the power assistance factor (PAF) varies extremely from product to product. Surprisingly, he concludes that the assistance factor uphill is not closely correlated to the uphill range.

The following presentations included innovative LEV components such as the gearless hub NuVinci by Fallbrook Technologies from the US, which also works in combination with an electric drive unit.

Motor controller design was tackled by Yen-Shi Lai from the Technical University of Taiwan.

ID is renowned for its power sensors, which were presented by Gijs Roovers from the Netherlands.

Bill Liou of GWA, Taiwan, reported on the latest developments in Battery management.

Tai Lee of Taiwanese fuel cell manufacturer APFCT showed scooter and wheelchair projects involving fuel cells. Equipped with two canisters of hydrogen (100g), scooter range gets as long as 86km.

Ed Benjamin and Mike Fritz from CycleElectric in the US presented a data logger, which can be attached to various places on a vehicle for development and testing purposes. It helps to find and solve problems much faster than it would take without such a recording unit. For manufacturers and dealers it is a valuable tool to provide better products and better service. CycleElectric offers hardware including training the staff of companies.

Last but not least Mo-Hua Yang from ITRI talked about applications and challenges of lithium batteries. Smaller size, more options in vehicles design thanks to smaller batteries, more vehicle performance versus high requirements towards batteries, materials and manufacturing process.

All presentations were given in English

How to design the right power assist factor?
Frieder Herb, ExtraEnergy, Germany
Online preview

Better performance, higher radius in LEV‘s with the NuVinci CVP
Peter Boxton, Dirk Spiers, Chris Vasiliotis, Jeremy Carter Fallbook Technologies, USA

Design Considerations of Motor and Drives for the Application of Light Electric Vehicles
Yen-Shin Lai, Ming-Shi Huang, and Yin-Jao Luo, NTUT, Taiwan

IDbike TMM: Pedal force sensors on static bicycle parts
Gijs Roovers, IDbike, Netherlands

Chipset based BMS Solutions
Bill Liou, GWA, Taiwan

APFCT Fuel cell and hydrogen storage systems for LEV applications
Tai Lee, APFCT, Taiwan

Data logging while product development and testing
Mike Fritz and Ed Benjamin, CycleElectric, USA

The Opportunity and Challenge for commercialization of Li-ion battery in LEV
Mo-Hua Yang, ITRI, Taiwan




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