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21 March 2007: Battery Safety

Leading manufacturers provided an insight into the latest battery developments. battery shipment according to UN regulations, applications, dangers and future prospects were discussed.

Battery experts presented the latest battery technologies with reference to their safety; among them manufactures as ENAX, Degussa, Amita, and PHET. Expert on dangerous goods handling Tim Schaefer explained the UN regulations for lithium battery shipment and legal responsibility of LEV manufacturers––a significant issue in the context of recent battery fires.

Focus on Safety
ExtraEnergy, ITRI, and Taiwan UL are working on safety standards for battery pack testing. For this purpose a special test laboratory was built in Germany and shipped to Taiwan. It has just been taken into operation at the facility of ITRI. To label safe batteries, ExtraEnergy has created a battery safety logo. It indicates the level of safety according to the safety standards applied by ExtraEnergy and ITRI.

Hannes Neupert presented the lecture of Kaz Suzuki of Panasonic from a Panasonic-external point of view––an interesting experiment and an even stronger message when saying Panasonic is a leading example in handling lithium battery shipment correctly.

Safe and dangerous Lithium Batteries
Tenor of the day: There are very safe lithium batteries. Some of them have passed the ExtraEnergy safety tests even better than certain NiMH batteries. But there are also very dangerous batteries on the market as numerous videos of tests and pictures of severe accidents demonstrated.

With a fake newspaper article of a burning retirement home titled “Electric bicycles exploded, residents burned while sleeping” Mr. Neupert tried to emphasize the urgency of appropriate testing: “I hope we will never see such an article this in the newspapers. This will cause big damage to the market.”

All presentations were given in English

How to select the right Battery?
Hannes Neupert
ExtraEnergy, Tanna, Germany
Online Preview

Safety Standard Development for Lithium Ion Battery
Ellen Cheng, PhD.
UL, Taipei,Taiwan
Online Preview

Development of Lithium battery pack for LEV
Masao Ono, Tokyo R&D, Tokyo, Japan
Online Preview

Excellent performance and safety by Lithium-Ion battery for Pedelecs
Kaz Suzuki, Panasonic, Osaka, Japan
Online Preview

How to arrange proper Lithium battery logistics - instructions A to B!
Tim Schaefer, Gaia Akkumulatorenwerke GmbH, Nordhausen, Germany
Online Preview

Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries - „Envirofriendly“Technology offered by PHET

Donald Wu, PHET, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Online Preview

Lithium Battery technology offered by Amita

Jim Cherng, Amita Technologies ,Tao-Yuan,Taiwan
Online Preivew

Outlook on future Li-ion battery chemistries for safety improvements

Mo Hua Yang, ITRI, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Online Preview

Lithium Battery technology offered by ENAX
Kazunori Ozawa, ENAX, Tokyo, Japan
Online Preview

Lithium Battery components for improved safety offered by Degussa

Jörg Reim, Degussa, Marl, Germany
Online Preview

Conference Proceedings BatterySafety
Available in digital (free download) or print version




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