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20 March 2007: EnergyBus

This day stood in context with the foundation of the EnergyBus organization on March 19, 2007. The communication protocol and the organization were introduced to the public and discussed.

On the evening prior to the conference, the EnergyBus Organization was founded as an initiative of ExtraEnergy and ITRI. Ten founding members signed the charter of the non-profit association with the goal to further develop the EnergyBus standard and introduce it to market. This communication protocol for electric vehicle components is designed to improve the functionality and serviceability of electric vehicles. In her presentation, Janine Mueller from ExtraEnergy compared EnergyBus with the USB standard for computers. Yet, EnergyBus will not do with just one type of plug. Significantly higher current in vehicle application demands for a set of plugs. The requirements for the EnergyBus plug system were presented by Sven Schlicker of German plug development company Schlicker GmbH. Norbert Haller of Craftsmen Design, Germany, who designed the EnergyBus CI, presented what such a plug system could look like.

Futuristic Application

Hendrik Markowski from Germany presented his diploma project: the re-creation of a motorized bicycle. In other words: the re-definition of the word MoFa (English: Motor Bicycle) by designing a fun vehicle for young cyclists. Hendrik’s result is a Freestyle bicycle with electric drive and hybrid energy storages system (lithium battery and fuel cell). For the development and production of this and other vehicles, EnergyBus can save a lot of time and money.

What is China going to do?
Other speakers of the day provided an insight into possible applications, advantages, challenges, and marketing strategies. In a panel discussion at the end of the day the key question was: Where is China? In order to promote a worldwide standard the key player needs to be part of the game. For Hannes Neupert, President of ExtraEnergy, there is no other way but the EnergyBus to use the full potential of electric vehicles.

Next Steps
The next goal of EnergyBus organizations is to get companies from the industry on board to further develop EnergyBus for their own purpose and application. The first focus will be a communication standard between batteries and chargers to prevent accidents which today’s technology does, unfortunately, not prevent (batteries have caught fire when charged with the wrong charger). First companies have publicly announced they will use EnergyBus: ITRI and Telerob.

Lectures on EnergyBus
All presentations were given in English

Why standardization will boost the LEV market size?
Hannes Neupert, ExtraEnergy, Tanna, Germany
Online Preview

What we can learn from other Bus systems - the business model of the EnergyBus organization
Janine Mueller, ExtraEnergy, Tanna, Germany
Online Preview

The EnergyBus plug family for LEV applications
Sven Schlicker, Schlicker GmbH, Germany
Online Preview

The CI of the EnergyBus
Norbert Haller, Craftsmen Design, Berlin, Germany
Online Preview

How the EnergyBus can ease product development and technical upgrades
Johannes Doerndorfer, Telerob, Germany
Online Preview

Re-creation of a motorized bicycle
Hendrik Markowski, University of Technology, Business and Design, Germany
Online Preview

The EnergyBus and the Taiwan LEV industry potential
Bing-Ming Lin and Yuh-Fwu Chou, ITRI, Taiwan
Online Preview

Marketing for the EnergyBus organization
Daniel Hoppe, ExtraEnergy, Tanna, Germany
Online Preview

The Physical and Application Layer of the EnergyBus

Prof.-Dr. Wolfhard Lawrenz, C&S Group University of Applied Science Wolfenbuettel, Germany
Online Preview

Conference Proceedings EnergyBus
Available in digital (free download) or print version




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