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BatteryTest: List of Participants

Number of participants: 15 Battery technologies: Lithium / Ni-MH Test reports for download

LG Chem, Ltd.
Test Battery: Li-Ion 10 Ah, Type: E1
Status: Pre-Test completed and Safety Test passed
Pre-Test-Report (PDF Download 2,8 MB)

Test Battery: Li-Ion 7 Ah, Type: ENW-M70A
Status: Pre-Test completed
Pre-Test Report for download (PDF, 2.6 MB)

New Test Battery: Li-Ion 16 Ah, Type: ENW-M70A Serial-parallel connection
Status: Pre-Test completed and Safety Test passed

E-One Moli Energy
Test Battery: Li-Ion 8 Ah, Type: FSPK 50081
Status: Preparation for Safety Test
Pre-Test Report (PDF download 1.1 MB)

GAIA Akkumulatorenwerke GmbH
Test Battery: Li-Ion 12 Ah, Type: DD
Status: Pre-Test passed, filling battery cases for Safety Test

Valence BV
Test Battery: Li-Ion 18 Ah, Type: Uses IFR18650
Status: Filling battery cases for Safety Test

Dongbu Hannong Chemical / Korea PowerCell
Test Battery: Li-Ion 15 Ah
Status: Pre-Test passed, filling for Safety Test

Test Battery: Li-Polymer, 39.6 Ah, Type: PO 917T91
Status: Filling battery cases for Pre-Test

Test Batteries: 5 Li-Ion batteries with SEPARION separator from five different manufacturers in Asia

Panasonic Industrial Europe
Japan / Germany
Test Batteries: Nickel-Metal-Hydride, 6.4 Ah, Type: HHR 850D
Status: Safety Test passed

MGL Europe GmbH
Test Batteries: Li-Ion, 10 Ah, Type: MGL-LEV 10 Ah
Status: Safety TestSafe

Phylion Battery Co., Ltd.
Test Batteries: Li-Ion, 10 Ah, Type: XH-P36-10AH
Status: Safety Test passed

Images of Test Batteries

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Last updated: August 28, 2006



27th to 30th March 2019, taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

29th to 31st March 2019, Praha, Czech Republic, For Bikes CZ

6th to 7th April 2019, Bocholt, Germany, Radtrends Bocholt

27th und 28th April 2019, Berlin, Germany, Velo Berlin

27th April 2019,
Berlin, Germany,
Pedelec Awards Ceremony VELOBerlin

13th to 18th May 2019,
Tanna, Germany
Prototype Pedelec Test

21st June 2019, Westendorf, Kitzbühel Alps, Austria
E-Bike Convention

22nd and 23rd June 2019, Westendorf, Austria, E-bike Festival Kitzbüheler Alpen

12th to 15th September 2019, Birmingham, England, The Cycle Show Birmingham

5th to 10th November 2019, Milan, Italy, EICMA

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