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Giant: Lafree Twist

The Lafree Twist combines good bicycle qualities with current pedelec functions. This is a unique feature in the marketplace right now.

Rating 2001: Good.
Recommended for it's great range at light weight.
Price: € 1,425


The Lafree Twist is definitely a pedelec, even though the drive unit is hidden behind the chain guard and is hardly visable. However once pedaling has commenced, the smooth assistance will be noticed immediately. On gradients no steeper than 8%, the motor works well even with heavier test riders.

The Giant Lafree stands out because of its attention to details, e.g. a foldable battery handle and a battery lock in the back. With better rims and higher quality bicycle components, the grade would be very good.

+ The lightest pedelec in the test.
+ The power system is very compact.

- Battery capacity is not visible while riding.
- The combination of the brakes and the rims tend to produce squealing sounds.

Weight: Total 48.3 lbs.

Test Results:
Mixed Track:
Range: 22.1 miles, Eco Mode: 27.2 miles
Average Speed with Motor: 12.5 mph,
Eco: 11.5 mph
Top Speed: 15.2 mph, Eco: 15.1 mph
Hill Test (8% / 12%):
Average Speed: 7.3 / 5.5 mph

Battery: removable and lockable
Battery Box Weight: 8.4 lbs.
Battery Capacity: 144 Wh (provided by manufacturer)
Battery Type: Nickel-Metal Hydride
Replacement Battery: data not available
Charger: not integrated
Charge Time: 04:00 (hr:min)

Accessories / Components:
Simple bicycle components, Shimano 3 Speed hub gear and V-Brakes, U-Lock, Dynamo Light, pump not included. Owners manual does not exist, available in different frame sizes.

Other Models:
The Lafree Twist is available in men’s and women’s style frames, both are offered in two sizes.

Contact Information:
GIANT Deutschland GmbH
Bayreutherstr. 76
D- 40599 Düsseldorf
Tel: +49-(0)211-99894-0



2 - 5 March 2016, Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei Cycle Show: LEV Components Special Exhibition & Test IT Track

Until 6 April: Cycle deliveries
Until 20 April: Cargo pedelec deliveries
From 11 April: Ride testing incl. Off-road test and Ergonomics test, ride testing Cargo pedelecs
Until 21 April: Re-publication booking deadline

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