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Looking Ahead in 2011: a Sector in midst of Change

The year 2010 was a very successful one for the LEV market and ExtraEnergy. And 2011 promises to be yet another big year for ExtraEnergy, with major plans and new projects in the pipeline. Among them: the first e-scooter test since 2002 and the first ExtraEnergy World Cup!

A sector in the midst of change
After many years of groundwork, Europe's LEV market finally reached a sustainable level in 2010. ExtraEnergy have helped to build the market tirelessly since the early 90s. In 2010 the organization tested more pedelecs and e-bikes than ever before and published the results in a newly launched ExtraEnergy Magazine. Two issues appeared in the first year of its existence.
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>> Go to the English version of the magazine

The well-known TEST IT test track has been on the move for over 10 years and under the auspices of the EU-supported GoPedelec! project it finally reached Europe-wide recognition last year.

Electric bikes were THE big attraction on last year's three major German trade fairs, namely Bike Expo in Munich, Eurobike in Friedrichshafen and Intermot in Cologne. ExtraEnergy presented these vehicles on all three these fairs and acted as co-sponsor of Bike Expo.
>> Trade fair and events reports

By the time the autumn fair came around, it was clear to all that pedelecs and e-bikes were more than just a fashion trend - they were here to stay. The megatrend of the year was turning into a growing business segment for both trade and industry.

As reported by Bike Europe recently, pedelecs have become "moneyspinner number 1" to bicycle traders in the Netherlands. In the first half of last year, electric bikes contributed 37.6% of the total turnover of the Dutch bicycle trade.

Big players in other sectors of the economy have had their eyes on the LEV sector for a while and this might lead to major changes in the LEV sector in the next few years. In short: the LEV sector is facing changes and an exciting 2011.

What can be expected in 2011?
Continued market growth can be expected. Exactly how strong the growth will be, remains to be seen. Fact is: ExtraEnergy will be around with another big and varied smorgasbord of activities, aimed at spreading and securing quality in the market.

For the new, mobile TEST IT test track alone 50 events have been planned all over Europe. Among them, a few events in Spain, to be presented in cooperation with the online magazine VehiculosVerdes edited by the charismatic Spaniard Andres Moreno.
>> More about the TEST IT Show
>> More about the activities planned in Spain

Apart from the two pedelec and e-bike tests (planned for April and September/October as usual), an e-scooter test will be conducted in February, in cooperation with the Dresden University of Applied Sciences. The test will kick off with laboratory testing.

Speakers from all over the world will share their knowledge with participants in the LEV Conference in Taiwan, which will this year be held in the run-up to the Taipei Cycle Show.
More about the LEV Conference

In May and July the first ExtraEnergy World Championships will be held in Schleiz and Vaujany. More about that at a later stage.

Together with the Münchner Messe, ExtraEnergy has big plans to build this year's Bike Expo into a real stage for pedelecs and e-bikes.
More about the Bike Expo

In short, industry and clients can look forward to a wide-ranging schedule of activities in 2011.

Copy and photo: Susanne Brüsch
Translation: Christoffel Volschenk
20 December 2010



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