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Best Pedelecs Honored at Taipei Cycle Show

The ExtraEnergy Pedelec Trophies were handed to the best pedelecs in the recent test at the Taipei Cycle Show today. ExtraEnergy honored six manufacturers for the outstanding products they developed in eight product categories. Read on to see which pedelecs won.

And the winners are...

Easy Pedelec
It isn’t easy to be a winner in the Easy Pedelec category. Most test bikes fell in this category and the fight for the top spot was intense. The Kalkhoff Pro Connect impressed with its excellent balance between handling, fittings and motor. This is a marriage of tradition with power. It feels very much like a bicycle and the consistently very high values achieved in the riding test, make this pedelec the ideal vehicle for daily use in the city environment. In a nutshell: Very good.

The trophy was accepted by Mr. Seidler, CEO of Derby Cycle Werke GmbH.

Business Pedelec

The Dolphin Express is the test winner in the product category Business Pedelec. This S-Pedelec really lives up to its name. Like the marine mammal, this Dolphin is extraordinary powerful, persevering and fast. The unique 500W belt drive rewards effort with performance. Peddle, and the Dolphin shoots forward at high speed – irrespective of whether you are on a flat, or climbing a hill. With this range and speed champion, daily commuters, business people and anyone who simply loves speed, are definitely at the right address.

The trophy was accepted by Mr. Kutter, inventor of the Dolphin.

Dutch Pedelec
The Styriette is a winner with a difference. Firstly, it wins the product category Dutch Pedelec without ever having seen the sea. The concept of the Styriette, built by Magna Marque, hails from the mountainous Steiermark region in Austria. Secondly, the Styriette passed the test with flying colors, after having missed the ergonomic leg of the test. The prototype couldn’t be completed on time. But, it impressed us with its design, performance and qualty. The high-quality components and construction, which is clearly aimed at giving the bike a long life, for instance, the enclosed chain case, give the Styriette that original Dutch-robust touch. The stable running characteristics and reliable, extremely strong motor rounds off the picture of the Styriette as winner of the Dutch Pedelec for 2010.

The trophy was accepted by Werner Schiller, Sales Director Europe of Magna and Pascal Larose, Director of EPS (BionX)

City Comfort Pedelec
With its modern, sporty look, the Delite satisfies all the extrinsic demands of the style-conscious city dweller. But, also the Delite’s fittings and „electric intrinsics“ keeps the city dweller mobile in the most modern way. It’s fast, strong, has a satisfactory range and offers lots of riding fun – more one can’t ask of a bike for everyday use in the city. With the K-Factor 10, the Delite is the clear winner in the product category City Comfort Pedelec.

The trophy was accepted by Mr. Müller, CEO of Riese und Müller GmbH.

Wellness Pedelec

People who value their free time, love the outdoors and to ride fast, without feeling every bump in the road, will love the Delite. With its fantastic suspension, strong support, which invites the rider to peddle harder, and satisfactory range, the Delite is the clear test winner in the ExtraEnergy product group Wellness Pedelec.

The trophy was accepted by Mr. Müller, CEO of Riese und Müller GmbH.

Sport Pedelec
The KTM eCross is the embodiment of pure riding fun! The winner of the category Sport Pedelec delivers what the design promises: it is light, runs easily, comes over as a sporty-chic bike and impresses on the mountain with strong support. And all of that, with a good range, achievable on all types of terrain. Anyone who prefers to spend his leisure time on a bike, enjoys venturing beyond well-paved roads, and isn’t intimidated by mountains, will make a good choice with the KTM eCross. The K-Factor 10 in sport is what delivered the win, and the test seal „Very good“ in the category Wellness Pedelec . Seen, test-driven, sold!

The trophy was accepted by Ms Urkauf-Chen, owner of KTM Fahrrad GmbH.

Tour Pedelec
The Agattu XXL was designed for "heavy young men and women“, manufacturer Kalkhoff announced proudly. Kalkhoff has all the right to be proud of this pedelec, because the testers couldn’t find a single aspect to criticize. The closest they came, was to say the enjoyable, comfort-oriented ergonomics of the bike made the Kalkhoff Agattu XXL “less sporty”. But, the ergonomic fittings, and highest load capacity in the test (145kg!), gave the Kalkhoff Agattu XXL the trophy in the category Tour Pedelec.

The trophy was accepted by Mr. Seidler, CEO of Derby Cycle Werke GmbH.

Family Pedelec
Family pedelecs must be built for child seats and trailers and ensure that parent and child are underway safely. A satisfactory range and reliable battery charge display are essential in this product category, because it is often hard work to ride these stable-frame bikes without support. In addition, a family pedelec should be comfortable and should have good suspension. The Giant Twist Comfort satified all these demands, which made it the clear winner in the category Family Pedelec. The long range, double-secured with two batteries, and high load capacity make this pedelec an absolute must for environment-aware small families.

The trophy was accepted by Mr. Scott Chen, chairman of Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

All details on our product categories, you can find here.

Copy: Nora Manthey
18 March 2010



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