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E-Vehicles at vivavelo Congress in Berlin

vivavelo, the Congress of the bicycle sector, will take place on 22 and 23 Febuary 2010 in Berlin. Klaus Töpfer, a previous minister of the environment, will welcome Congress participants. ExtraEnergy will be present with a stand for e-vehicles, where workshops will be held on pedelecs, product and battery safety and new concepts. The Federal Environment Agency will be present at podium discussions.

The 2-day event vivavelo will be hosted in the buildings of the state NRW in the middle of the embassy district at the Berlin Zoo and will be an important platform for politicians, industry and lobbyists. A number of associations from industry, trade and the artisan sector have pooled their energies to present visitors lectures, workshops, podium discussions and exhibit innovations.

Sustainability at vivavelo

The vivavelo Congress will look towards the future. How will the sector develop, what will be the challenges and how can one prepare to meet these challenges? In his opening address Klaus Töpfer will place the bicycle in the center of a sustainable development scenario - especially for cities and local authorities. This approach, called the "Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability" (LOHAS), includes cycling, which eventually also strengthens the economy and environment.

The program

The supporting program of the Congress offers a number of highlights. For example, vivavelo will be officially opened with a bike ride through the government quarters. Among the provided bikes will also be a few pedelecs. The tour will serve as a good introduction to the podium discussion to follow a bit later and titled: "Politics and sector - who needs whom?". Themes to be covered at workshops, include e-mobility, standards and technology, the interlocking of manufacturers and traders, as well as the promotion of bicycle traffic.

E-mobility innovation isles
New concepts and products will be presented on so-called isles of innovation. That is also where ExtraEnergy e.V. will be represented. On the second day, chairman of the association Hannes Neupert will moderate a workshop with the focus on e-mobility. A number of experts will give their opinions on the future potential and safety of the pedelec. EneryBus, another ExtraEnergy initiative, will present the new plug standard and discuss the chances of it being standardized., SLG and TÜV Rheinland will bring their experts to Berlin, to report on test procedures and product safety.

The final theme will be battery recycling, a highly relevant issue, thanks to the new Battery Act. For that discussion, a representative of the Federal Environment Agency Dessau will be on location. This will give ExtraEnergy and its partner the opportunity to present information and the options open to the LEV sector, to a wide audience.
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Nora Manthey

19 January 2010




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