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Pedelec Showroom in Stuttgart takes Winter Break

In the center of the automobile metropolis Stuttgart, ExtraEnergy operated a pedelec showroom over the summer months. Many people took the opportunity to experience the new face of mobility firsthand. Here, the ergonomic leg of the ExtraEnergy Autumn Test was also conducted on 3 and 4 October.

The location could not have been better: In Kriegsbergstrasse, in close proximity to the main train station of Stuttgart, ExtraEnergy opened a showroom for pedelecs on 15 June 2009. Throughout summer, staff of ExtraEnergy and Workstation-Pedelec offered interested people the opportunity to test-ride pedelecs and e-bikes of different manufacturers. People who wanted to buy, were referred to dealers in the region of Stuttgart by the multilingual, competent team.

The exhibition space, which also proved to be valuable workshop and conference space, was kindly made available to ExtraEnergy by the City of Stuttgart.

Ergonomic test in the Stuttgart showroom
On October 3 and 4 the ergonomic test of the ExtraEnergy Autumn 2009 Test was conducted in the showroom. Until 8 October the test bikes were available to the public for test rides. Then they were taken to Tanna for the second leg of the 3-leg Autumn Test, while the bikes tested in the Spring 2009 Test were taken to Schweinsfurt and Chemnitz for the third leg of their test and the showroom closed for the winter.

Report and photos of ergonomic test

The showroom team would like to thank everyone who supported this project and helped to increase people's awareness of pedelecs in Stuttgart.

Pictures of the showroom

For Manufacturers
With the showroom, ExtraEnergy offers manufacturers an excellent opportunity to present their products in the center of Stuttgart, and to use the space for workshops and seminars. The building at Kriegsbergstrasse 30 will be demolished sometime in future, as part of the Stuttgart 21 project. But, the facility and service will still be available to manufacturers in 2010. You will find more information in the downloadable flyer.

Learn more about the services offered at the Pedelec Showroom Stuttgart

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Last updated: 14 October 2009



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