Pedelec and E-Bike Test
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Test Results evaluated by Target Group

Starting with the 2008 ExtraEnergy Test, the results will be analyzed according to the needs of specific target groups. Test Manager Frieder Herb presented the new evaluation system in Taipei in March 2008. more...


Test 2007: The Results

In 2007, seven pedelecs were tested. All test results of the 2006 test have been updated and are included in the latest test report. more...


Test 2008: 15 Bikes Rated ‘Very Good’

Two venues, three test tracks, ten riders and an endless amount of testing kilometers brought the pros and cons of 28 tested bikes to light. more...


Pedelec/E-Bike Test 2006: The Results

All results of the 12 tested pedelecs and the Helio e-bike here, also for download. Read more about the 2006 Test! more...


LEVs tested at Challenge Bibendum

ExtraEnergy team members were involved in the pedelec and e-bike testings at Challenge Bibendum in June 2006. A report by Susanne Bruesch. more...


Panasonic Lithium-Ion Drive Unit tested

The extremely light-weight Li-Ion drive unit by Panasonic has been tested in the ExtraEnergy Test 2002/03 in a pedelec for the Japanese Domestic Market.

Test Rating 2002/03: Good


Scooter Test 2002: The Results

12 electric scooters performed in the first ExtraEnergy Test. Find the latest test results here with prices and contact information. Also for download. more...


ExtraEnergy Bike Test 2002: The Results

12 pedelecs and 1 e-bike with test results, prices and contact information. New in this year's test: hill range, assistance mode and Test Seal. more...


Pedelec-Test 2001

14 Pedelecs in the ExtraEnergy City and Hill Test. All results with contact information available for download. more...



22nd - 25th February 2018, Essen, Germany
Fahrrad Essen

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