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ExtraEnergy seeks test riders

The latest ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-bike Test starts on the 13th October 2018. New drive systems, new technology and fitness outdoors. Women of all ages are especially welcome.


The test rides will take place in and around Tanna, in the Thuringia region of Germany, using unique, custom-made measurement technology.

This enables us to determine the key values for range, power assistance levels, drive efficiency, average speed and more, for the "Tour", "Hills" and "City" parts of the test circuit.

Test dates
Test riders will ride the electric bikes over a period of two weeks, from the 13th to the 27th October 2018 at what is currently the world´s only reference circuit for pedelec and e-bikes testing. It´s a fitness opportunity: a rewarding challenge and an excellent way to learn about these vehicles.
The reference bike
Each test rider will ride a normal bike, which ExtraEnergy call the "reference bike", to help with the calculation of the power assist factor. 
For the ExtraEnergy Test pedalling effort is measured precisely during the test rides, using custom-made sensor pedals, and this is carried out both on each pedelec and on the reference bike.

To allow us to compare the pedalling effort needed for the different bikes, each test rider will ride the reference bike at a slow, medium and fast pace, each repeated three times, over both the "Tour" and "Everyday" parts of the circuit. Riding the reference bike is the most challenging part of the test.

The test circuit
This two-week fitness programme for the test riders includes riding the pedelecs or e-bikes, and the reference bike, over the ExtraEnergy test circuit in Tanna, which measures 14.7 km in total. The circuit is divided into a 9.4 km long "everyday" section, and a 5.3 km "Tour" route

The everyday part consists of an acceleration section, a 1 km ascent with a moderate gradient of 5% on average, some urban riding with set stopping points to simulate stop-start riding in traffic, and then a climb with an average gradient of 12%. Finally, the test includes riding without the motor on the last part of the everyday section.

See the elevation profile of the everyday section here:

The "Tour" part of the test circuit leads riders over moderate ascents on a variety of surfaces including country lanes, gravel tracks and woodland paths. 
See the elevation profile for the tour section here:

Accommodation is provided in caravans and mobile homes on the ExtraEnergy premises, and catering is also provided by ExtraEnergy.
Participant requirements
A minimum age of 16 (with parental signature, up to age 18) is necessary for participation. Women of all ages are especially welcome. So that each rider can ride each test bike, there is a minimum height of 1.65 m. During and after the test, we will publish your name, age, weight, body size, wheel-km 2018, favorite in the test as well as other photographic material on which you are shown. It is also essential for all participants to bring with them all-weather clothing, in particular strong shoes and waterproofs.
How to take part
You can apply using our application form, giving your age, height, weight, phone number, city and postcode. We would also be interested to hear about the extent of your existing experience of pedelecs or e-bikes, and approximately how many miles (or km) you have cycled this year, whether on holiday or just for personal use.
Please apply via this link:

Your contact person should you have any questions is Angela Budde (Editor, on:

The ExtraEnergy team looks forward to meeting you!

Copy and picture: Angela Budde

Translation: Peter Eland
7th August 2018
Last update: 10th August 2018



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