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Utopia Kranich Pedelec WEBER KARGO rig Utopia Edition with 50kg

Team “Weber-Utopia”: the Utopia Kranich hitched up to the WEBER KARGO "Utopia edition" trailer. A top transport alternative!

How well can heavy goods be transported in a cycle trailer, as opposed to with a cargo pedelec?

Answering this question is the Utopia “Kargo” rig, which can be bought as a set.

When it comes to the ride results it was right up there: range and power assist levels are above average, and the overall price of bike and trailer is relatively low.

This version of the trailer, specially configured for Utopia, is solidly equipped with lighting, double stand, heavy duty hitch and two disk brakes which work as over-run brakes, ensuring that the rig can be braked without problems, and without the trailer jack-knifing.

For loading, the trailer offers a 80x60 cm load bed, surrounded by aluminium walls, and with a cover and strap.

The “Kranich” offers additional capacity for a total of up to 40kg on its rear carrier and low rider racks (these details came too late for us to include it in the 120+ group).

This rig can certainly show off when it comes to weight.

This all brought the “Utopia Kargo” a respectable “Good” in the Transport50+ cargo pedelec group and thanks to the versatile hitch – it can also tow a child trailer.

>> Photo Gallery ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Test 2018/19 (flickr)

Measured Values & Prices
Range Tour: 84,3 km
Ø Speed Tour: 24,9 km/h
U-Factor Tour: 1,48 

Range Hills: 33,6 km
U-Factor Hills: 1,08 

Ø Speed City: 15,3 km/h
U-Factor City: 0,99 

Vehicle Weight: 31,2 kg
Battery Weight: 2x2,9 kg 

Vehicle Price: 4440 Euro
Battery Price: 825 Euro   

250W Utopia Velo Silent

892Wh Li-Ionen Cobalt 36V 24,8Ah (2x) 

Sensor Type
Torque, cadence and tilt sensors

Utopia Kranich pedelec: angle adjustable stem, Speedlifter Twist, Tubus Tara low rider rack, rear stand, start and push assist, various ride profiles and diagnosis via Utopia app for Android and iPhone, G1 parallelogram suspension seatpost, Sqlap saddle 

WEBER KARGO "Utopia Edition": trailer with over-run brakes, 20” Big Apple wheels, battery rear light, heavy duty drawbar for pedelec use and high loads, aluminium sidewalls, tie-down points, frame-mounted Weber E hitch, load area L:800xW:600xH:360mm, weight 19.2kg. Utopia Edition trailer option: fabric cover € 59. Trailer separately: € 979.

Utopia Velo
Kreisstr. 134f
66128 Saarbrücken




Bild, online Publikation: Angela Budde



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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