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The call of the mountains: the powerful yet quiet mid motor delivers extreme levels of fun, especially on steep ascents. It´s an off-roading machine where integration is king.


The hugely powerful motor is especially gutsy on hill starts.

Reaching the Carl-von-Stahl-Haus alpine lodge, for example, cries out for the Brose Drive S. This mountain idyll won´t be disturbed in the slightest by the extremely quiet Brose Drive S mid motor, because tyre noise is louder than the noise from the motor.
The user controls are clearly laid out, and are all easy to reach. The display is small, as is usual with MTBs, but with the digits displayed large. Integration is king for the MAXX FAB4 EL: the battery pack is built into the downtube, although it remains removable. If you can, it´s best to connect the charger cable direct to the bike, as it´s clear frame integration was a priority. And if you ever wonder why the display seems to be asleep, you can wake it and the whole drive system with a touch of the button on the battery.

This is a powerful machine which delivers a feeling of freedom - and not just in the mountains. It´s also notable that this bike is available in many frame sizes: there´s something for everyone here.
Measured Values & Prices
Reichweite Tour: 53,3 km
Ø Geschwindigkeit Tour: 24,6 km/h
U-Faktor Tour: 2,49 
Reichweite Berg: 21,4 km
U-Faktor Berg: 1,53 
Ø Geschwindigkeit Stadt: 17,7 km/h
U-Faktor Stadt: 1,88 
Fahrzeug Gewicht: 23,2 kg
Batterie Gewicht: - kg 
Fahrzeug Preis: 5079 Euro
Batterie Preis: 680 Euro   
250W Brose Drive S Mittelmotor 
496,8Wh 36 V Li-Ionen 13,8Ah 
Sensor Type
MAXX Bikes & Components GmbH
Theodor-Gietl-Str. 1
83026 Rosenheim 
Bild, online Publikation: Angela Budde



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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