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A trails bike with superb handling. The RockShox suspension systems absorbed just about everything, so even high kerbs could be barely felt.


This powerhouse of a bike, with full-suspension comfort and fat knobbly tyres, delivers a thoroughly enjoyable ride. When you reach the power assist’s limiting speed, it cuts out abruptly, although this is not an issue for off-road use, where you’re never really riding at constant speeds. But on the everyday and touring routes, this was found to be very irritating.

The chassis and the power-packed Shimano STEPS motor are well integrated. Motor power is interrupted briefly for every gear change, so that the wear that would typically otherwise occur is minimised – a special feature made possible by collaboration between the manufacturers of the motor system and gearing. Unfortunately the remote dropper seatpost sometimes dropped down and would then not rise again of its own accord.

“Its handling on the trails is superb” was the verdict from Marco Hösel, six times Trials World Champion. The Focus JAM² Plus Pro delivers powerful and pleasant assistance."

Measured Values & Prices
Range Tour: 84,2 km
Ø Speed Tour: 25,4 km/h
U-Factor Tour: 2

Range Hills: 36,7 km
U-Factor Hills: 1,53

Ø Speed City: 17,1 km/h
U-Factor City: 0,92

Vehicle Weight: 23,7 kg incl. two batteries
Battery Weight: 2,2 kg

Vehicle Price: 6498 euros
Battery Price: 998 euros
250W Shimano STEPS E8000 
2x 378Wh Li-Ionen 36V, 10,5Ah 
Torque sensor
Push assist function, Bluetooth, ergonomic grips, FOCUS Airflow, dropper seatpost, twin battery pack
Derby Cycle Werke GmbH
Siemensstr. 1-3
49661 Cloppenburg
Bild, online Publikation: Angela Budde



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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