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ExtraEnergy Pedelec Awards presented

On the 15th April 2018, the ExtraEnergy Pedelec Awards were presented to the winners of the 2017 test season. 


The trophies for the ExtraEnergy Test 2017 were awarded at VELOBerlin on the 15th April 2018 to high-ranking executives from the award-winning manufacturers. 
The winning manufacturers were: FLYER Biketec AG, myStromer AG, QWIC, Riese & Müller GmbH, Torrot Deutschland GmbH, Derby Cycle Werke GmbH, M1-Sporttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Klever Mobility Europe GmbH and Radkutsche GmbH.
These test results show that it´s not necessarily products newly arrived on the market which are the front-runners. The overwhelming majority of the test winners are test repeaters already available for sale: models which were previously tested last year or even the year before. Additional results from the 136 pedelecs tested will be published ahead of the EUROBIKE trade show.
The test winners
A total of ten vehicles achieved exceptional ratings across thirteen product groups.
With the powerful TX, FLYER cruised in style to victory in the Easy and Family product groups, also attaining a ‘Very Good’ in the City-Comfort group, and a ‘Good’ as a Touring Pedelec. The full-suspension frame is a real treat! 
Stromer ST2 S
Stromer has set a new benchmark with the ST2 S: perfect ride performance, integrated design and top-end specification make this the well-deserved test winner for business pedelecs. It also achieved a ‘Good’ test verdict in the Tour and Easy product groups.
QWIC Premium MN8
A classic, top-class pedelec: the QWIC Premium MN8 combines an upright riding position and low step-through with pleasantly smooth assistance, nippy and agile handling and a gutsy motor. Test winner in Classic Pedelecs and ‘Good’ in the Easy and City-Comfort pedelec groups.
Riese & Müller Delite touring HS
The master of range, and it doesn’t just swallow up the miles, it also irons out any bumps along the way. A top class pedelec 45 for a grand tour, and also for your daily commute to work. Test winner in both Tour and City-Comfort product groups, and ‘Very Good’ in Easy Pedelecs.
Torrot Citysurfer
A Spanish high-flyer in fresh Superman blue. It surprised with plenty of power and solid handling on all of the test routes. Test winner in the Folding product group, and also ‘Good’ in the Easy Pedelecs group.
Raw power and lurid colours: this is a bruiser of a bike designed superbly for off-road trails, and which also rides as if on rails on-road. It's a test win for the Focus JAM² C Plus Pro in the Sport Offroad product group.
M1 Spitzing Worldcup
Good, safe, fast: a bike of superlatives and not just in technology and looks: also in price. At 16,499 Euros it is by some way the most expensive pedelec that ExtraEnergy has ever tested. Test winner in Sport Road Pedelecs. The M1 Spitzing Worldcup also achieved a ‘Good’ verdict in the Sport Offroad Pedelec product group.
Klever X-Speed
An exceptional performance: after accelerating up smoothly it gives a powerful “seven-league boots” feeling. A stable frame and wide tyres provide a solid ride and safety. Test victory in the Lifestyle Pedelec product group for the Klever X-Speed. In the Easy and Sport Offroad Pedelec groups it also achieved the ‘Good’ rating.
Riese & Müller Load touring HS
The full suspension “Load” now for the first time comes with double Bosch batteries. The long range and high performance make the Load the most successful all-rounder on test. A test win for the family-friendly Riese & Müller Load touring HS in the Cargo Family product group. This all-rounder also merited a ‘Very Good’ rating in Easy and Commercial Cargo 50kg+ groups, plus ‘Good’ as a City-Comfort Pedelec and Tour Pedelec.
Radkutsche Rapid
A distinctly special cargo pedelec 45 – the “Rapid” unleashes tremendous power. Front wheel drive and high quality components deliver important advantages. Test winner in both Commercial Cargo 50kg+ and Commercial Cargo 120kg+ product groups. The Radkutsche Rapid also gained a ‚Very Good’ verdict in the Cargo Performance product group and a ‘Good’ verdict in the Easy and Business product groups.
Product groups: helping consumers choose
The product groups into which these Pedelec Awards are sub-divided represent a wide variety of intended uses and customer expectations.
These groups have been defined as a result of analysing, and then weighting, customer wishes: an approach which is unique in the industry. The weighting of customer wishes, including for example high levels of power assist or good range, reflects different types of end user. A parent, for example, is most likely to value the range and reliability of their electric bike ahead of its looks, while an athletic e-biker will look first for power and sporty, chic looks.

So with these product groupings, ExtraEnergy provides a clear response to the growing diversity of the booming electric bike market, by diversifying the requirements of the test. This categorisation and awards structure provides useful orientation for customers, and it also incentivises industry excellence.
Congratulations to all test winners!
Text and picture: Angela Budde
17th April 2018
Last update: 19th March 2019



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