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Riese & Müller Load touring HS - Test Winner Cargo Family*

*Very Good Easy, Very Good Commercial Cargo 50kg+, Good City-Comfort, Good Tour

The full suspension “Load” now for the first time comes with double Bosch batteries. The long range and high performance make the Load the most successful all-rounder on test. A test win for the family-friendly Riese & Müller Load touring HS in the Cargo Family product group. This all-rounder also merited a ‘Very Good’ rating in Easy and Commercial Cargo 50kg+ groups, plus ‘Good’ as a City-Comfort Pedelec and Tour Pedelec.

Thanks to its 350 watt motor, compact construction and efficient derailleur drive – which however will result in fast wear of the chain and sprockets – the “Load” impressed with its especially lively ride quality. The low load bed ensures that the centre of gravity is favourably placed, low down, and this also applies for the load-bed seat for up to two children, equipped with high quality straps. The only thing putting a brake on test riders’ enthusiasm was that it was barely possible to reach the permitted 45 km/h on the flat. But thanks to the high range, the remarkably low weight and the excellent adjustability of many components, the “Load” scooped a "Very Good" verdict in the Easy pedelec group and “Good” verdicts in Tourand City-Comfort pedelec groups. In the cargo pedelec product group “Commercial Cargo 50+” it also received a “Very Good” – here only the comparatively small load bed held it back.

Product photos, you will find in the photo gallery of the Pedelec Awards Ceremony:

+ high range: tour / city 
+high power assist: tour / hills 
+ low overall weight 
+ start and push assist 
+ remaining range display 
– high purchase price 
+- insurance and ID plate compulsory

Measured Values & Prices
Range Tour: 80,6
Ø Speed Tour: 29,8
U-Factor Tour: 2,02
Range Hills: 43,4
Ø Speed Hills: 23,7
U-Factor Hills: 1,52

Range City: 58,8
Ø Speed City: 17,2
U-Factor City: 1,01

Vehicle Weight: 42,8 kg
Battery Weight: 2x2,5 kg

Vehicle Price: 7388,5 € 
Battery Price: 859 € 
Sensor Type
Cadence, torque and speed sensors
Remaining range display, start and push assist, angle and height adjustable stem, full suspension with X-fusion Glyde shock, bike basic price €5699, options DualBat €899.90, frame lock keyed alike, child transport module, carrier rack

Riese & Müller GmbH
Feldstrasse 16
64331 Weiterstadt
>> www.r-m.de

Text and picture: ExtraEnergy.org

Online publication: Angela Budde

16th April 2018




7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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