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Klever X-Speed - Test Winner Lifestyle, Easy Good, Sport Offroad Good

An exceptional performance: after accelerating up smoothly it gives a powerful “seven- league boots” feeling. A stable frame and wide tyres provide a solid ride and safety. 

Test victory in the Lifestyle Pedelec product group for the Klever X-Speed. In the Easy and Sport Offroad Pedelec groups it also achieved the ‘Good’ rating.

The Klever X-Speed richly deserves its test win against the other Lifestyle Pedelecs. With its distinguished looks, which cut a fine figure with either a business outfit or with sportswear, it’s a Lifestyle Pedelec par excellence. It always looks stylish! The X-Speed is a clever mix. What did the test riders think? “Good roadholding, calm (no wobbles), robust, powerful, somewhat sedate as you set off, until rather belatedly the motor delivers its full power.” And what did the measurements say? Hugely high U-factors: Tour 3.07, Hills 1.91 and City 1.38. How does it ride without the motor? “Very good, rolls along no problem, feels light.” Ergonomics test result: 2.3 – chic and fine to operate. All of the buttons can be operated with no problem even wearing gloves – not something that can be taken for granted. But the powerful motor is also hungry, and it sucks the 570 Wh battery pack dry on the Tour route by 39 km.

Product photos, you will find in the photo gallery of the Pedelec Awards Ceremony:

+ high power assist levels: Tour / Hills
+ high payload rating
+ now noise levels
+ start and push assist function
+ display shows range remaining
+ regenerative braking function
+- insurance is compulsory, with number plate
- high total weight 
- high purchase price
Measured Values & Prices
Range Tour: 39
Ø Speed Tour: 34,5
U-Factor Tour: 3,07
Range Hills: 23,6
Ø Speed Hills: 32,9
U-Factor Hills: 1,91

Range City: 24,3
Ø Speed City: 17,9
U-Factor City: 1,38

Vehicle Weight: 27,1 kg
Battery Weight: 3,5 kg

Vehicle Price: 4899 € 
Battery Price: 900 €
Sensor Type
Rotation, force and speed sensors (cadence, torque and motor RPM sensors)
Start and push assist function, rear stand, display shows range remaining, regenerative braking function
Klever Mobility Europe GmbH
Dieselstrasse 8
50859 Köln
Text and picture: ExtraEnergy.org 
Online publication: Angela Budde
16th April 2018



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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