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M1 Spitzing Worldcup - Test Winner Sport Road, Good Sport Offroad

Good, safe, fast: a bike of superlatives and not just in technology and looks: also in price. 


At 16,499 Euros it is by some way the most expensive pedelec that ExtraEnergy has ever tested. Test winner in Sport Road Pedelecs. The M1 Spitzing Worldcup also achieved a ‘Good’ verdict in the Offroad Pedelec product group.
It’s almost a pity to ride it through the mud: for this sort of money you might just prefer to hang it on your living room wall as an object of engineering art. But the tests showed that the handling and ride performance, and not least the fun factor, are just as exceptional as the price.
The M1 Spitzing Worldcup Type R, with its fast, sporty enduro style, gives motor assistance up to 75 km/h, according to the manufacturer. Riding slowly requires huge amounts of self-restraint. In the test it achieved a remarkable 35.1 km/h average speed on the Hills course. 
The average motor power on the Tour section was 467.3 W, giving a power assist factor of 2.34, and this with an average speed of 36.7 km/h over a still very respectable range of 57.8 km. 
“A beast of a bike which is still surprisingly good to ride even without the motor” was the test riders’ verdict.
However – with or without the motor running – the M1 Spitzing Worldcup is only legal to ride on private land, for example on a closed race-track or in a bike park.
Product photos, you will find in the photo gallery of the Pedelec Awards Ceremony:

+ High range: City
+ High power assist level: Tour/Hills
– High purchase price
– Loud motor

Measured Values & Prices
Range Tour: 57,8
Ø Speed Tour: 36,7
U-Factor Tour: 2,34

Range Hills: 35,5
Ø Speed Hills: 35,1
U-Factor Hills: 1,59

Range City: 48,5
Ø Speed City: 19,8
U-Factor City: 1,29

Vehicle Weight: 24,6 kg
Battery Weight: 5,3 kg

Vehicle Price: 16499 € 
Battery Price: 999 €

Sensor Type
Torque, speed and shift sensors

Full suspension with remote-operated Fox Float CTD shock. Carbon Kit: motor-protector, rims, handlebar, seatpost; upgrade price €9600; base price €689

M1-Sporttechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Am Weiglfeld 15 
83629 Weyarn 
Text and picture:
Online Publication: Angela Budde

15th April 2018



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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