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Stromer ST2 S - Business Test Winner, Tour Good, Easy Good

Stromer has set a new benchmark with the ST2 S: perfect ride performance, integrated design and top-end...


...specification make this the well-deserved test winner for business pedelecs. It also achieved a ‘Good’ test verdict in the Tour and Easy product groups.
It takes a second glance to truly appreciate the sophisticated geometry of the FLYER TX, and how the matte metallic paint suits the discreet understatement of this strong all-rounder. The TX's assistance is immediately on hand, and the power assist figures are above average. So even if on tour with heavy luggage there's no need to worry if the gradient increases. The range, too, is absolutely fine for touring. And because you'll ride in real comfort on the TX thanks to the classy frame suspension, there's nothing to interrupt the riding pleasure even on longer rides. The single fly in the ointment: the rather high bottom bracket makes it tricky to adjust saddle height - if the distance to the pedals is correct, then you cannot easily get your feet to the ground.
Otherwise there's nothing to niggle about on the TX: high quality brakes and transmission ensure the best possible ride, and the rest of the specification is top class too.
Product photos, you will find in the photo gallery of the Pedel

>> ExtraEnergy Pedelec Awards presented (flickr)

+ high range Tour/City 
+ high power assist Tour/Hills/City 
+ start and push assist 
+ high max payload rating 
+ regenerative braking function 
+ quiet motor 
+– insurance and number plate compulsory
– high purchase price

Measured values & Prices
Range Tour: 66
Ø Speed Tour: 38,1
U-Factor Tour: 1,96

Range Hills: 34,8
Ø Speed Hills: 34,4
U-Factor Hills: 1,96

Range City: 43,4
Ø Speed Cityt: 20
U-Factor City: 1,69

Vehicle Weight: 26,5 kg
Battery Weight: 4,6 kg

Vehicle Price: 8.990 €
Battery Price: 1.900 €

Centre stand, balloon tyres, start and push assist, regenerative braking, optional carrier rack, smartphone app, ergonomic grips.

Sensor Type
Torque Sensor

myStromer AG
Freiburgstrasse 798 
3173 Oberwangen Schweiz

>> info@stromerbike.com

>> www.stromerbike.com
Text and picture: ExtraEnergy.org

Online publication: Angela Budde

15th April 2018



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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