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Ergonomics Test to exchange experience

4th October 2017, Wassenaar, NL. ExtraEnergy interviewed Bert Bosman (editor, www.ANWB.nl). "I am very interested in developments, they are still going on. There is a big future for bicycles."


From 3rd to 4th October 2017, the Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB) warmly invited to join the Ergonomics Test in Wassenaar, the Netherlands.
The Ergonomics Test tests pedelecs for their general usability. Easy of manhandling, intuitive understandability and test riding are rated by as many testers as possible via a comprehensive survey.
On the 4th October 2017, ExtraEnergy interviewed Bert Bosman (Editor, www.ANWB.nl). The interview was conducted by Angela Budde (Editor, ExtraEnergy.org).
Angela: Why are you joining the Ergonomics Test?
Bert: I am organizing the test in Wassenaar, together with Hans and Alfred. My job is to organise the venue, to invite the testers and to keep them informed.
Angela: Did anything impress you during the Ergonomics Test?
Bert: I am impressed and happy to see how much information you can gain from a group of people. People start to discuss together and to exchange a lot of experience and information. I am learning a lot, too.
Angela: Did anything inspire you during the Ergonomics Test?
Bert: I am very interested in the developments, they are still going on. Every year, there are new things and improvements. Bicycling is very old but there is a big future for bicycles. Almost 200 years old, but the future is bright. That´s what I believe.
Text and picture: Angela Budde
4 October 2017
Last update: 26 October 2017



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