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61 drive system manufacturers at EUROBIKE 2017 – the key trends

Significant developments are redefining state of the art technology: we summarise the key trends for you below.


Although battery integration was already well underway on many pedelecs in 2017, manufacturers are now offering ever more integrated versions of the drive systems in their ranges. This involves firstly bringing together the electric motor with the gearing system for muscle power, and secondly the shrinking of the motor to the absolute essentials – this enables the creation of completely new pedelecs, which no longer weigh 25 kg – it’s now more like 15 kg. Ever more cycle manufacturers are taking advantage of this, and are building pedelecs which are very similar to regular bikes, but which nonetheless give significant assistance for the hills. 
Fully digital drive systems
The technology of the future, fully digital drive systems, is barely visible yet at EUROBIKE – only one of the 61 drive system manufacturers is exhibiting a series hybrid drive. You can read more about series hybrids in the August 2015 edition of the ExtraEnergy Magazine:

>> ExtraEnergy Magazine, August 2015 
Highlights of EUROBIKE 2017 – we analyse the key trends for you!
You can explore the highlights of EUROBIKE either as a photo gallery with explanatory captions, or via our Visitor Guide, sorted by exhibition hall. This will help you ensure that you don’t miss anything important as you research drive systems. 

>> EUROBIKE 2017 Highlights (flickr)

>> EUROBIKE 2017 Pedelec Drive Systems Visitor Guide (PDF)
LEV Components Special Exhibition at EUROBIKE 2017
ExtraEnergy has been testing pedelecs since 1992, aiming to accelerate product improvement and wish fulfilment in the marketplace. And since 2013, ExtraEnergy has been presenting the most significant LEV components, including drive systems, in a simple and effective format in the LEV Components Special Exhibition. You can find it at EUROBIKE in the Foyer East (Ost) on the first floor: 1. OG – Stand number: FO-OG100
Drive systems tests to appear in BIKE BILD 5/2017
As part of the ExtraEnergy Test in September 2017, ExtraEnergy is hoping to be able to test almost all relevant drive systems from the 61 drive system manufacturers. The drive systems tested will then be presented, with measured comparative performance values, as part of an overview in BIKE BILD 5/2017, which is to be published on the 24th November 2017. This drive systems comparison will also be one of the central themes of the ExtraEnergy Yearbook 2018. Manufacturers of innovative drive systems are urged to make pedelecs fitted with their drive systems available for testing, with delivery by the 8th September 2017. 
The booking form is available to download from:

>> September 2017 Test booking form (PDF)
Manufacturers who hand over their test bikes to ExtraEnergy in Friedrichshafen on the final day of EUROBIKE, or the day after EUROBIKE, will receive a 10 % discount on the test participation fee.

Copy and image: Hannes Neupert
Translation: Peter Eland

Online publication: Angela Budde

Date: 28th August 2017



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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