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Ergonomics Test in Wassenaar – interview with the ANWB

On the 7th and 8th June 2017, ExtraEnergy and the ANWB organised the Ergonomics Test in Wassenaar as part of their new partnership. With 4.4 million members, the ANWB is the largest club in the Netherlands.

The Ergonomics Test is a core element of the ExtraEnergy Test, and it checks the test bikes for everyday usability. Ease of manhandling, intuitive operation and test ride performance are evaluated by as many testers as possible, with the aid of a variety of questionnaires. 

The tasks set in the Ergonomics Test include tests for carrying the bikes over steps and kerbs, changing the battery, general ease of use and intuitive operation, and a brief riding test. Ride quality both with and without the motor assistance is evaluated, as well as design appeal and fun factor.

ExtraEnergy interviewed Hans de Looij and Alfred Tiutel from the Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB). The interview was conducted by Rotsy Ratsiorimanana of

Rotsy: What led to the ANWB offering to host the Ergonomics Test in the Netherlands?

Hans: Two years ago, I was introduced to Hannes Neupert (Chairman, ExtraEnergy e.V. and Test Director) at the Taipei Cycle Show. When he told me what ExtraEnergy do, I was immediately impressed. We started an intense dialogue about the ExtraEnergy Test, and as a result we decided to run the Ergonomics Test in Holland. 

Rotsy: What’s your impression of the testing process?

Our impression is very positive, because the Ergonomics Test evaluates the electric bikes for their everyday usability. So a wide variety of testers from all age, height and weight categories found themselves all gathered together here. A very important aspect of the ExtraEnergy Test is identifying target groups from the consumer’s perspective. Manufacturers produce the bikes from their own perspective – but the consumers, who buy the bikes, are the ones who will go on to ride them. So it’s most important that this test is conducted as thoroughly as possible.

Rotsy: Will the next Ergonomics Test also take place in Wassenaar?

Hans: Yes, for sure. We have an excellent location here for the testing, also including some hills. This is important for the “power assist uphill” test task. Furthermore, Holland is the world’s number one country for cycling. So we carried out the Ergonomics Test here with people from Holland, although in future we may also bring in more testers from Germany, so that we have a mix of nationalities. This ensures a statistically excellent test. So we will be back next year.

Alfred: We are looking forward to taking the testing of electric bikes with us here to an even higher level. One thing we noticed was that the testers would all talk to each other and exchange tips – it was a very relaxed atmosphere. Dutch people love that.

The next Ergonomics Test will take place on the 3rd and 4th October 2017 in Wassenaar. Potential test riders can already register their interest here: 

>> Click for the sign-on form

>> Ergonomics Test 2017 gallery (Flickr)

Read more details about the tasks involved in the Ergonomics Test here:

>> Ergonomics Test 2017

Copy: Angela Budde

Translation: Peter Eland


Date: 3rd July 2017



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