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Ergonomics Test June 2017

The focus in the Ergonomics Test is the pedelec in everyday use. ExtraEnergy and the Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB) warmly invited. Photo gallery now online.


ExtraEnergy has been testing pedelecs and e-bikes since 1992 as an independent organisation.
The tests include the Ergomomics and Riding Tests.
The Ergonomics Test
The Ergonomics Test tests pedelecs for their general usability. Easy of manhandling, intuitive understandability and test riding are rated by as many testers as possible via a comprehensive survey.
The evaluation uses marks from 1 (Very Good) to 6 (Unsatisfactory).
The test stations
Test station 1: Battery and charger - connecting and charging
Task: Battery removal (if possible). How easy is it to remove the battery? Is there a grip, for example? Does it slide out easily or need force? Can it jam?
Task: Find the charger for the battery. How clearly can the charger for this battery be identified? Is there for example a marking such as the brand name? Is the connector unique, or could many different plugs fit?
Task: Battery replacement. How easily can the battery be replaced? E.g. is replacing it easy? Is there a `locked` indication? Is it clear how it should be put in place?
Test station 2: Car carrier - touring
Task: Attach the bike to the car carrier. Is it for example light enough to roll or lift into place? Can the frame be easily secured?
Test station 3: Steps - storage and use

Task: Carry the bike up the steps. How easy is it to carry the bike over the steps? Is it for example light enough, are there good grip locations, can it be manoeuvred in a stairway?
Test station 4: Loading platform - obstacles and transport
Task: Push the bike onto a loading platform. How easily can you get the bike over the sill? Is it for example light enough, are there places to hold it easily, does it catch anywhere ....
Test station 5: Pre-ride adjustment

Task: Ergonomic adjustment. Can the bike be adjusted to suit you personally? Can e.g. the handlebar be easily adjusted, seat height set, with or without tools, tight enough?
Task: Choose riding mode. Can the ride mode be selected easily? Is e.g. the display self-explanatory, easy to read, is it easy to find the on button?
Test station 6 
Task: Power assist on the flat: how well does the motor assist you as you ride? Does the power come evenly, too early, too late, smoothly?
Task: Power assist on hills: how well does the motor assist on an incline? Does the power come too late, too little, does it fade out?
Task: Ride quality with motor assist: how does the bike ride with power assist operating? Does it feel for example safe, does it roll along easily or sluggishly, is there any noticeable restistance?
Task: Ride quality without the motor: how does the bike ride overall without motor assist? Does it feel e.g. safe, is it easy rolling or heavy going, is there noticeable resistance?
Task: Drive noise: how is the motor noise? Is it e.g. too loud or barely audible, unpleasant or unobjectionable?
Task: Ease of use: how easy is the bike to operate as you ride? Is the display e.g easy to reach, clear, can you switch off the motor as you ride?
Task: Parking: how securely does the bike stand up? Is the stand easily folded out (if fitted), does it wobble or hold the bike securely?
Task: Design / Style: How much do you like the overall look of the bike? A matter of taste ...
Task: Fun factor: How much fun did the ride deliver for you overall? A matter of taste ...
Call for testers October 2017
Join the next Ergonomics test on 3rd and 4th October 2017 in Wassenaar, NL. You can already register here:
Text: ExtraEnergy
Photos: Rotsy Ratsiorimanana
Online publication: Angela Budde
Translation: Peter Eland
3rd July 2017



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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