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Tests 2017-18: focus on drive system comp. & software-based services

Drive system components and value-adding functionality via software-based services are the focus of the ExtraEnergy Tests 2017-18. Delivery of bikes for the 2017 Spring Test is still possible until the 17th May 2017.

Additional spotlight themes are lifestyle pedelecs, fatbikes for off-road use, touring and travel bikes, mountain bikes, folding and compact cycles, cargo bikes and conversion kits.

>> Registration form Test Spring 2017 (PDF)

ExtraEnergy has been testing pedelecs and e-bikes since 1992. Each year, Spring and Autumn Tests are carried out, each with up to 40 bikes. These Tests are a significant international benchmark. 
ExtraEnergy Test 2017-18: focus themes 
These focus themes of drive system components and software-based services will be examined in extra depth for the bikes entered into the test, and publicised separately from the other test results, in collaboration with several trade and consumer media outlets. Additionally, they will be the central theme for the 2017 ExtraEnergy special exhibitions at EUROBIKE and the Taichung Bike Week.
Drive system components
Included in this category are key innovations at all levels, such as especially compact or unusually quick chargers, on-trend frame-integrated batteries, batteries with extra-long warranties, and especially lightweight, compact, quiet, powerful, stylish and/or affordable motor systems. ExtraEnergy will endeavour to put these components in context with measured values, comparable to high-end measured values in the test. In parallel with this will be the LEV Components Special Exhibition, which since 2013 has been staged at all relevant specialist trade shows and selected consumer events. This provides both cycle manufacturers and end users with tangible assistance when seeking the best component for any particular application. 
Functional added value via software-based services
This field is developing fast. When it comes to choosing one product over another, software-based services will be of central significance to end users in the medium term. For example, the pedelec will become an element of the Internet of Things (IoT), so that it can be monitored remotely (for anti-theft purposes) and also actively controlled. As an example, another person could be given rights to use it, limited geographically and for a certain time. Furthermore, new functionality can be easily rolled out to the bike via online updates. Developers are able to improve their products significantly because they can draw on anonymised user data from the whole fleet of bikes already sold, in near real time. However, with the Internet of Things we are still at the very dawn of the functionality which will develop step by step. Alongside the existing tests, ExtraEnergy will try out all software-based functionality and endeavour to publicise the added value that this provides for the user. 
For the Test, ideally these components will be tested on final production bikes available for sale, but of course this is also possible on prototype vehicles which are not available to purchase at this stage. Bikes on the market will be publicised as normal. In addition, the focus themes will be addressed in the editorial section of the publications. This will set out which innovations in the field of drive system components and in the area of software functionality are particularly interesting, and which bring real customer benefits.
Additional focus themes for the 2017 Spring test are lifestyle pedelecs, which focus on urban minimalist, cruiser or retro aesthetics, fatbikes for off-road use, touring and travel bikes, mountain bikes, folding and compact cycles, cargo bikes and conversion kits.

>> ExtraEnergy Test April/May 2017

>> Press publication

Text and picture: Hannes Neupert

Online publication: Angela Budde
Translation: Peter Eland

14 May 2017




7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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