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Fischer MTB E-Bike EM 1724 - Sport Offroad Good

An off-road pedelec for gentle off-road use and with a top price-performance ratio. Rakish and agile, the Fischer MTB E-Bike EM 1724 powered to a “Good” in the Sport Offroad product group.


This Fischer MTB E-Bike EM 1724 is a very easy to ride offroad pedelec in the everyday and touring test, and one which is massive fun. The controls are self-explanatory and are user-friendly to operate. The display impressed with large numbers and easy comprehensibility. Even when riding at higher speeds, test riders could take in all of the essential info with a quick glance. And when riding at night, the backlighting ensures that the rider is never left in the dark.

The off-road test riders would have liked more power on the steeper sections: the motor was considerably lacking here in performance terms. And wider tyres give more grip: here these were lacking for off-road use, leading our experienced experts to deem the Fischer MTB E-Bike EM 1724 as limited in its off-road capability. 

It offered a secure ride over the woodland path section of the Tour circuit in the everyday and touring tests. But there were still several complaints there about the somewhat lumpy power assist from the rotation sensor.

+high power assist level: Tour / Hills / City 
+Start and push assist function

Measured Values & Prices
Range Tour: 45,8
Ø Speed Tour: 26,7
U-Factor Tour: 2,28

Range Hills: 22,4
Ø Speed Hills: 24,7
U-Factor Hills: 1,64
Range City: 24,3
Ø Speed City: 16,9
U-Factor City: 1,62

Vehicle Weight: 23,8 kg 
Battery Weight: 2,8 kg

Vehicle Price: 1549 € 
Battery Price: 379 €

Sensor Type
Rotation sensor

Start and push assist function, display shows range remaining, removable pedals, rear stand.

Inter-Union Technohandel GmbH
Klaus-von-Klitzing-Strasse 2
76829 Landau/Pfalz  

Text and Image: ExtraEnergy.org

Online Publication: Bruno Brandão

8 May 2017



3rd to 6th March 2021, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

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