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Fischer Proline MTB EM 1614 - Sport Offroad Good

Sporty looks, a powerful assist system and good specification: this Fischer MTB earned a “Good” in the off-road category. But while it does have limitations for sporting use, it’s a lot of off-road pedelec for the price.


Matt black with red highlights, and with its imposing rear motor, this Fischer inspires you to take a test ride. The motor applies itself quietly and powerfully after a brief delay, and the read-out on the display shows peaks of up to 600 watts! Since a rotation sensor is used, motor power is essentially independent of your own input, so test riders put distinctly less effort into the pedals than on other bikes. At the power assist speed limit the motor gradually reduces its push, and then only cuts in again at around 22 km/h. One might expect better from a well-tuned sports machine for off-road use. 
Shimano Deore gearing, branded tyres and adjustable suspension forks are all plus points on this Fischer MTB, but the Clarks disk brakes are less well known – although we had no objections to their braking. The ride without the motor also impressed on this Fischer. The version we had for our test was an exclusive model available only at Media Markt.

+ high range Tour/City 
+ high power assist Tour/Hills 
+ high max payload rating 
+ start and push assist 
+ remaining range display 
+ quiet motor
Measured Values & Prices
Range Tour: 71
Ø Speed Tour: 25,2
U-Factor Tour: 1,6

Range Hills: 22,6
Ø Speed Hills: 23,4
U-Factor Hills: 1,52

Range City: 25,8
Ø Speed City: 17,7
U-Factor City: 1,09

Vehicle Weight: 22,9 kg 
Battery Weight: 2,6 kg

Vehicle Price: 1399 € 
Battery Price: 459 €

Sensor Type
Rotation sensor

Rear stand, start and push assist, remaining range display

Inter-Union Technohandel GmbH
Klaus-von-Klitzing-Strasse 2
76829 Landau/Pfalz

Text and Image: ExtraEnergy.org

Online Publication: Bruno Brandão

8 May 2017



22nd - 25th February 2018, Essen, Germany
Fahrrad Essen

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