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Gobax Get2 S Plus - Classic Very Good

Robust, reliable and yet still nippy – the Gobax “Get 2 S Plus” delivers on its promises

Gobax is one of the manufacturers who have contributed significantly to the way that today, cargo pedelecs are an everyday part of food delivery services. But alongside their “Gastro-boxes” Gobax offer numerous other cargo modules, for tradespeople for example. In line with its intended hard, commercial everyday use the “Get 2 S Plus” focuses sensibly on quality, low maintenance requirements and simple operation. This applies to the Schlumpf two-speed bottom bracket gearbox, which takes a little getting used to at first, the extra-robust 24” tyres, the reinforced spokes, and also details such as the double stand and steering lock limiter. For the power assist system, “Get 2 S Plus” employs the powerful, silent GO SwissDrive rear motor and a 610 watt hour battery pack. As the only single-track cargo pedelec on test without an extended wheelbase, the “Get 2 S Plus” was a special case for testing, because it was not sensible to transport the required 50 kg on the rear carrier rack. Instead, we tested the bike laden with 30 kg. With this weight on board the test riders felt very speedy on the road, and handling was flawless. The “Get 2 S Plus” won a “Very Good” in the “Classic Pedelecs” product group.

>> Photo Gallery 
Gobax Get2 S Plus (flickr)

+ high power assist levels tour / hills
+ low overall weight
+ regenerative braking

Measured Values & Prices
Range Tour: 56,8
Ø Speed Tour: 24,3
U-Factor Tour: 1,66

Range Hills: 24,4
Ø Speed Hills: 22,3
U-Factor Hills: 1,63

Range City: 28,5
Ø Speed City: 17,3
U-Factor City: 0,82

Vehicle Weight: 34,5 kg
Battery Weight: 4,7 kg

Vehicle Price: 4099 € 
Battery Price: 916 €
Sensor Type
Torque sensor
Rear transport box for 30 kg payload, closed chaincase
GOBAX Bikes GmbH & Co.
Heerweg 19
72116 Mössingen
>> Photo Gallery Test 03/17 (flickr)

Text and Image:

Online Publication: Bruno Brandão

4 May 2017



14th and 15th April 2018, Berlin, Germany,
Velo Berlin

May to September 2018, Stuttgart, Germany
Probierstation, St Maria

6th to 8th May 2018 Shanghai, China
Shanghai Cycle Show

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