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Utopia Kranich Pedelec

An all-out all-rounder, the Utopia KRANICH pedelec rode its way to the test win in the product group family, a "Very Good" in the tour and to a “Good” as an easy pedelec.

*Family Test Winner, Tour Very Good, Easy Very Good


Top marks for power assist factor on tour, in the city and in the hills. Test riders praised this 31.2 kg heavy pedelec, with its durable CrMo steel frame, for “very good ride quality with the motor” and “a relaxed, pleasant, plush and very safe-feeling ride”. Uniquely in the test, the start and push assist is variable, and can be set at three power levels.

The high payload rating of 169 kg and the good brakes allow a wide spectrum of users to ride with stability and safety, especially larger and more powerful riders, and pedelec cycle travellers. 

Users can carry out fault-finding analysis for themselves via a smartphone app, and they can even send error reports direct to Utopia during a ride using the SOS button.

The range is huge at 106.4 km for the tour circuit on the highest power assist setting, and the Utopia KRANICH pedelec achieves this with twin battery packs. The test bike was equipped with Magura HS 11 hydraulic rim brakes with brake boosters and red pads, Speedlifter Twist stem, and a Bluetooth-enabled display. This pedelec is also available as a basic model, with only one battery, for 3199 Euro.

>> Photo Gallery 
Utopia Kranich Pedelec (flickr)

+ high range tour/city
+ start and push assist
+ low noise
– high purchase price

Measured Values & Prices
Range Tour: 106,4
Ø Speed Tour: 25,5
U-Factor Tour: 1,92

Range Hills: 39,5
Ø Speed Hills: 22,8
U-Factor Hills: 1,42

Range City: 44,3
Ø Speed City: 16,7
U-Factor City: 1,14

Vehicle Weight: 31,2 kg
Battery Weight: 2x2,9 kg

Vehicle Price: 4024 € 
Battery Price: 825 €
Sensor Type
Torque, cadence and tilt sensors
Angle adjustable stem, Speedlifter Twist, Tubus Tara low rider rack, rear stand, start and push assist, various ride profiles and diagnosis via Utopia app for Android and iPhone, G1 parallelogram suspension seatpost, Sqlap saddle
Utopia velo GmbH
Kreisstr. 134f
66128 Saarbrücken
>> Photo Gallery Test 03/17 (flickr)

Text and Image:

Online Publication: Bruno Brandão

4 May 2017



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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