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Winora Radius tour - Fold/Compact Very Good, Easy Very Good

A matt black dream. The price-performance ratio here is great: high payload rating, lighweight design and robust technology. Rides well as a bicycle, and the motor fades smoothly in and out when engaged.

With the Radius tour Winora now has yet another compact bike in its portfolio. And it’s a decent one too, as our test riders discovered. Receiving “Good” in two product groups simultaneously is an impressive performance. The Radius tour had a stable yet agile ride, even at up to 50 km/h downhill. Uphill, the Yamaha motor, legendary for its durability, delivered an above average power assist factor of 1.35, with 1.75 for the touring route and 1.3 in the city. It’s important for the suspension effect to keep the tyre pressure rather low – otherwise this pedelec isn’t all that comfortable to ride. If you want to take your Winora Radius tour cycle touring, then you’ll note the absence of low-rider carrier rack mounts on the forks, and the lack of any threaded bosses to mount a bottle cage. Thanks to the folding pedals and tool-free handlebar swivel function this pedelec can be made flat very quickly. For family use, however, the adjustment of the seatpost by Allen key only may be less than practical.

>> Photo Gallery 
Winora Radius tour (flickr)

+ high range: Tour / City
+ high power assist factor: Tour
+ start and push assist function
+ display shows range remaining

Measured Values & Prices
Range Tour: 63,2
Ø Speed Tour: 24,3
U-Factor Tour: 1,75

Range Hills: 25,7
Ø Speed Hills: 21,5
U-Factor Hills: 1,35

Range City: 37,3
Ø Speed City: 16,5
U-Factor City: 1,02

Vehicle Weight: 22,2 kg
Battery Weight: 3 kg

Vehicle Price: 2699 € 
Battery Price: 849 €
Sensor Type
Torque and speed sensors
Start and push assist function, display shows range remaining, centre stand, Chainrunner chain protector, Speedlifter Twist Pro stem, folding pedals
Winora Staiger GmbH
Max-Planck-Str. 6
97526 Sennfeld
>> Photo Gallery Test 03/17 (flickr)

Text and Image: ExtraEnergy.org

Online Publication: Bruno Brandão

4 May 2017



3rd to 6th March 2021, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

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