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A2B Speed

This A2B has a rather distinctive look. The motor pushes it very smoothly, but forcefully, up to 30 km/h, and there’s the option of riding up to 20 km/h without pedalling at all.

The A2B Speed is, by some distance, the lowest priced pedelec 45 in the test. It also has something that no other pedelec 45 in the test can offer: a dual personality so that at the touch of a button it changes from pedelec 45 to an “e-bike 20” i.e. it runs up to 20 km/h without you pedalling. The elaborate aluminium Y frame is very solid, although it can sometimes resonate. This is probably also the reason why the payload on the rear carrier rack is limited to 10 kg. Once the bike’s high total mass of 31.1 kg is brought up to speed, overall it rolls along well. 

On the tour route in particular, the 500W gearless motor delivered high levels of power assist, and thanks to the regenerative braking function, when descending hills, or while braking, energy can be recovered and used to re-charge the batteries a little. The start and push assist is very powerful, so when you switch it on you should do so with care. This does however require a long thumb, because the control is mounted rather far away from the grip.

>> Photo Gallery A2B Speed (flickr)

+ high range: City
+ high power assist level: Tour
+ start and push assist function
+ regenerative braking
+- insurance is compulsory, with number plate
- high total weight

Measured Values & Prices
Range Tour: 51,6
Ø Speed Tour: 27,8
U-Factor Tour: 1,57

Range Hills: 28
Ø Speed Hills: 21,4
U-Factor Hills: 1,12

Range City: 33,6
Ø Speed City: 16,4
U-Factor City: 0,92

Vehicle Weight: 31,1 kg
Battery Weight: 4,2 kg

Vehicle Price: 2499 € 
Battery Price: 599 €
Sensor Type
Torque and speed sensors
Start and push assist function, rear stand
Hero Eco Ltd.
Unit 16 Bessemer Park 250
Milkwood Road
London SE24 0HG
>> Photo Gallery Test 03/17 (flickr)

Text and Image:

Online Publication: Bruno Brandão

4 May 2017



22nd - 25th February 2018, Essen, Germany
Fahrrad Essen

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