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Tern Vektron - Easy Good

For most test riders this was the best folding pedelec in the test. They described its performance as agile, sporty, safe, fast. Super folding technology, suits riders up to 175 cm tall.

For today's patchwork lifestyle a folding bike can link underground, bus and car. Powerful on the hills: you can really feel the U-factor of 1.16. It really helps you just when you need it. In the city, this extra energy helps it hustle. But with the 300 Wh battery, the range values are correspondingly low – although still generally sufficient for “last mile” use. If you want more, note that 500 Wh battery packs also fit in the Tern Vektron. You can recharge it with the bike conveniently parked under your desk, assuming, that is, that you have the charger with you. The handlebar height is easily adjustable for people up to 175 cm tall; beyond that you'll have to bend into something of a racing cyclist's posture to reach the handlebars. The carrier rack permits the easy mounting of panniers, baskets and for yepp.nl child seats, available in all sorts of candy colours. Only switching on the lights is distinctly illogical: first a long push on the plus button on the display, and then push the switch on the light itself to the right...

>> Photo Gallery 
Tern Vektron (flickr)

+ low total weight 
+ start and push assist function
+ display shows range remaining
- high purchase price
Measured Values & Prices
Range Tour: 34
Ø Speed Tour: 22,9
U-Factor Tour: 1,14

Range Hills: 16,1
Ø Speed Hills: 19,9
U-Factor Hills: 1,16

Range City: 23,8
Ø Speed City: 15
U-Factor City: 0,77

Vehicle Weight: 22 kg
Battery Weight: 1,9 kg

Vehicle Price: 2999 €
Battery Price: 599 €

Sensor Type
Rotation, torque and speed sensors
Start and push assist function, display shows range remaining, rear stand, folding frame, angle-adjustable and folding stem, ergonomic grips
Hermann Hartje KG
Deichstr. 120-122
27318 Hoya

>> Photo Gallery Test 03/17

Text and Image: ExtraEnergy.org

Online Publication: Bruno Brandão

4 May 2017



3rd to 6th March 2021, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

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