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Carver Route e.05 - Easy Very Good, Tour Good, Family Good

In stealth black, the Carver Route e.05 earned its “Very Good” as an Easy Pedelec and also its “Good” ratings as Tour Pedelec and Family Pedelec, with its harmonious yet powerful performance.

Power assist is super-sized, with a mighty power assist factor of 1.81 on the Tour route: it feels almost like it’s riding itself, and on the flat it achieved an average speed of 26 km/h. The carrier rack fixed to the frame, and the solid frame itself, promise not just years of service in everyday use, but they’ll also be great for holiday touring. With 68.8 km range on the Tour route in the highest power assist mode, even on long rides you’ll keep on rolling. In the ergonomics test, too, it breezed through almost every category with top marks. The test riders were full of praise: “A lovely-feeling ride, good power assist in all circumstances, very nicely modulated cut-in and cut-out of the assistance, a harmonious and powerful motor, nothing missing, easy to use even wearing gloves.” But despite all of this praise, and despite it not being cheap at 3000 Euro (though worth every penny) this pedelec from Carver stuck to its sober black, with just a couple of red highlights...

>> Photo Gallery Carver Route e.05 (flickr)

+ high range: Tour / City

+ high power assist level: Tour

+ start and push assist function

+ display shows range remaining

+ high payload rating

- high purchase price
Measured Values & Prices

Range Tour: 68,8
Ø Speed Tour: 24,4
U-Factor Tour: 1,81

Range Hills: 27,9
Ø Speed Hills: 22,8
U-Factor Hills: 1,39

Range City: 36,5
Ø Speed City: 16,1
U-Factor City: 1,08

Vehicle Weight: 23,3 kg
Battery Weight: 2,5 kg

Vehicle Price: 3000 €
Battery Price: 860 €

Sensor Type
Rotation, torque and speed sensors

Start and push assist function, display shows range remaining, rear stand, angle-adjustable stem, ergonomic grips
Fahrrad-XXL Group GmbH
Hugo-Junkers-Straße 3
60386 Frankfurt am Main

Text and Image:
Online Publication: Bruno Brandão

3 May 2017



3rd to 6th March 2021, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

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