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Fischer Proline Trekking ETD 1606

A pedelec reduced to the essentials, with plenty of light and just a little shade. The affordable price combined with good ride results bring it a “Very Good” as a city-comfort and an easy pedelec.

At 1399 Euro, the Proline ETD is no bargain-basement buy, but like the other Fischer pedelecs it falls, in terms of price, far below most of the rest of the bikes on test. You can barely see the compact rear motor, and it is agreeably quiet. But when it comes to sensors, they have opted for the technically simple solution, and so the power assistance, which is satisfactory overall, only operates with some delay, and also over-runs. If you exceed the 26 km/h assistance limit, then the motor only cuts back in at around 22 km/h.

For range, this Fischer is placed around the average of the strong field on test. The 24-speed Acera transmission is reliable, although it does click in some gears. Battery and frame locks require different keys. The display has a remote button unit and other features including a display of the current assist power (in watts). You need to press a rather unintuitive key combination to turn on the lights. But positive aspects worth stressing are that this Fischer rides very easily without the motor, and it is also suitable for heavier riders, as it is rated for 150 kg payload.
>> Photo Gallery Fischer Proline Trekking ETD 1606 (flickr)
+ high range Tour/City 
+ high power assist (Tour) 
+ high max payload rating 
+ start and push assist 
+ remaining range display 
– high overall weight

Measured Values & Prices
Range Tour: 70,2
Ø Speed Tour: 24,8
U-Factor Tour: 1,8

Range Hills: 30,4
Ø Speed Hills: 22
U-Factor Hills: 1,34

Range City: 39,7
Ø Speed City: 16,2
U-Factor City: 1,04

Vehicle Weight: 27,5 kg
Battery Weight: 3,4 kg

Vehicle Price: 1399 €
Battery Price: 459 €
Sensor Type
Rotation sensor
Centre stand, start and push assist, remaining range display, suspension seatpost, angle-adjustable stem, frame lock (not keyed alike), ergonomic grips, Speedlifter, removable pedals
Inter-Union Technohandel GmbH
Klaus-von-Klitzing-Strasse 2
76829 Landau/Pfalz


Text and Image:

Online Publication: Bruno Brandão

2 May 2017



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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