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Stromer ST2 S - Business Test Winner, Tour Good, Easy Good

Stromer has set a new benchmark with the ST2 S: perfect ride performance, integrated design and top-end specification make this the well-deserved test winner for business pedelecs.

myStromer as a manufacturer is associated with fast, top-performance pedelecs, and the ST2 S further cements this reputation. Pure riding pleasure and an adrenaline rush are guaranteed. The almost silent 500 watt motor accelerates powerfully, and has a fine-tuned response to your own riding style. And you’ll always be in the right gear thanks to the fully electronic XTR Di2 gear shifting system, which works swiftly and precisely via “tiptronic” controls. The battery, elegantly built into the downtube, is nudging up against the phenomenal kilowatt-hour mark with its 983 watt hours capacity, and that delivers a huge range for this class of bike. Among the long list of highlights on the ST2 S is a real star – the M99 Supernova lighting system, offering daytime running lights, a dipped beam and a main beam of up to 1250 Lumen. The rear light has a brake light function, and even the number plate is illuminated. Some test riders did identify just one issue: the display is elegantly mounted within the top tube, but this location makes it rather hard to read. It’s better to use the Stromer app via a smartphone on the handlebars.

>> Photo Gallery Stromer ST2 S (flickr)

+ high range Tour/City
+ high power assist Tour/Hills/City
+ start and push assist
+ high max payload rating
+ regenerative braking function
+ quiet motor
+– insurance and number plate compulsory
– high purchase price

Measured values & Prices
Range Tour: 66
Ø Speed Tour: 38,1
U-Factor Tour: 1,96

Range Hills: 34,8
Ø Speed Hills: 34,4
U-Factor Hills: 1,96

Range City: 43,4
Ø Speed Cityt: 20
U-Factor City: 1,69

Vehicle Weight: 26,5 kg
Battery Weight: 4,6 kg

Vehicle Price: 8.990 €
Battery Price: 1.900 €

Centre stand, balloon tyres, start and push assist, regenerative braking, optional carrier rack, smartphone app, ergonomic grips.

Sensor Type
Torque Sensor

myStromer AG
Freiburgstrasse 798
3173 Oberwangen Schweiz



>> Photo Gallery Test 03/17 (flickr)

Text and Images:

Online Publication: Bruno Brandão

2 May 2017





3rd to 6th March 2021, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

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