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Binova flow worldwide

March saw test-rides on the Binova flow at the Taipei Cycle Show 2016, and in April, Binova will send the production version to the ExtraEnergy test circuit. "We are now, in late March, starting to deliver our Binova flow drive systems."


Binova flow is the first gearless central motor system with EnergyBus.
Katja Söhner-Bilo (Managing Partner, binova GmbH) gave us an interview.
This interview took place at the Taipei Cycle Show 2016, and was conducted by Angela Budde (Editor,
Angela: Why did you decide to exhibit the Binova flow drive system on the Test IT Track at the Taipei Cycle Show?
Katja: We are now, in late March, starting to deliver our Binova flow drive systems. Thanks to ExtraEnergy and taking part on the Test IT Track, it was very simple, and involved little effort, for Binova flow to participate here at the show in Taipei. This is a superb trade show.
Angela: Which sorts of applications is the Binova flow best suited for?
Katja: Our in-house test riders are giving us positive feedback both for urban use and in the leisure/touring area. 
Angela: Has the drive system also been tested externally?
Katja: We have engaged independent testing institutes to ensure compliance with standards. And we have always used Binova test riders as an integral part of the development process. We already had the prototype tested at ExtraEnergy, and this gave us many valuable tips for further work. So ExtraEnergy was our first port of call. Next, we will be sending the production model to the ExtraEnergy test facility for the spring test session.
Angela: We’re looking forward to trying the Binova flow in the test. How is the feedback here at the show?
Katja: Very positive – the atmosphere is very relaxed, so that conversations can take place on a completely different timescale. Several high-ranking representatives of larger companies have taken the time to get to know us here. What is really great for us is that we have surprised a good number of them with our Binova flow. Comments such as: "Superb, you’ve done a fantastic job " and "a very harmonious and superbly modulated system" reassure us that we’re on the right track.
Impressions Binova flow
For further information, please visit:
Test ride Binova flow
The Binova GmbH is partner of the ExtraEnergy Test IT Show. The standard product is available within the Test IT Show Events for test rides.
*(Subject to change)
How to participate
Potential exhibitors interested in participating at following trade shows can receive further details and booking conditions at:
Contact: Carolin Springer 
How to participate in the ExtraEnergy test:
Contact: Hannes Neupert
Text and picture: Angela Budde
Translation: Peter Eland
16 March 2016



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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