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Stromer ST1 S Test 2015/16

Summary: A lurid green powerhouse with compact frame design, clever battery integration and agile, sporty handling.

Stand in front of a Stromer pedelec and it’s clear that you’re looking at a complete design concept. So it is with this refreshingly colourful ST1 S. The 522 watt hour battery pack disappears inside the massive downtube of this notably stiff frame, and cables are largely routed internally. From the first turn of the pedals, the clean tuning of the drive systems is evident: the direct drive rear motor starts its work without hesitation and practically silently, and it provides assistance that makes hill-climbing a pleasure. The Schlumpf gearbox, which has a gear-change operated by your heel at the bottom bracket, is combined with a 9-speed XT derailleur to make this a clever rarity among the bikes on test, an 18-speed transmission. With its 26 inch wheels the Stromer ST1 S has a relatively short wheelbase, making it very agile. It makes an ideal companion for nipping quickly around town, whether you’re on your way to work or heading for the countryside. Disk brakes and carbon fork underline the sporty appeal of this Stromer.

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Text: Wasilis von Rauch
Translation: Peter Eland
Online Publikation: Angela Budde
Bild: Sandra Winkler

Datum: 31. März 2016



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