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SFM SAXXX Urbano Test 2015/16

Summary: An affordably-priced easy pedelec with a solid mid motor, but we had to deduct marks for ride quality and some details which did not live up to expectations. 

The Urbano is a comfortable pedelec for beginners, with a fair price-performance ratio. The riding position can be adjusted easily using the angle-adjustable stem. The motor cuts in smoothly, but with some delay as you set off, and it is pleasantly quiet in operation. The level of assistance it delivers is acceptable for hills, and is also perfectly sufficient for moderate touring. The robust carrier rack will accommodate even heavy panniers. Directly below the carrier rack is the relatively heavy battery, which with 468 Watt hours capacity achieves above-average range. The twin downtubes are visually pleasing, and improve the stability of this low step-through frame. The simple rim brakes on the Saxxx could have a firmer grip, though, and the suspension fork would vibrate when braking going downhill, reported some test riders. But the good lighting, an informative display, ergonomic grips, a robust stand and the frame lock complete what is a coherent concept overall for the Urbano.

>> read full test result (issuu)

Download issue 13 here for free:

>> ExtraEnergy Magazin Nr. 13 (PDF)

SFM Bike Distribution GmbH
Strawinskystr. 27b
90455 Nürnberg

Tel. 0049 9122 / 18827-0



Copy: Wasilis von Rauch
Translation: Peter Eland
Online Publication: Angela Budde
Picture: Sandra Winkler

31 March 2016



22nd - 25th February 2018, Essen, Germany
Fahrrad Essen

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