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ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Test Spring 2014

The next ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Test will start on 14 March 2014. Including Ergonomic Test from 14 to 16 March and riding test from 25 March to 5 April 2014. Early bird rebate until 19 February 2014.

Manufacturer can now apply for participation in the test spring 2014. Early bird rebate until 19 February 2014.

ExtraEnergy has been testing pedelecs and E-Bikes since 1992. At that time only three vehicles were established on the world market. Meanwhile, participation in the ExtraEnergy Test is limited and much in demand. About 50 participants can be included in each test.

In summer 2014, the test results will be published via the ElektroBike Magazine with circulation of 45,000 copies.

Riding and Ergonomic Test
The ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Test is composed of 2 different tests. The Riding Tests take place on an outdoor test track to get an accurate picture of the vehicle on an every day use. They are conducted with an unique and special developed measuring technology. The parameter distance, support, efficiency of the drive, average speed etc. are determined for tour, hill and urban track.

The ergonomic test examines a product’s suitability for daily use and its intuitive usability.

Extra Energy recommends the additional proof of mechanical and electrical safety at the laboratories SLG GmbH and

Registration Form
The ExtraEnergy Test GmbH offers an early bird rebate to manufacturers who register until 19 February 2014.

Please download the registration form here:

>> Registration form test spring 2014 (PDF)

Ms. Sandra Winkler (CEO ExtraEnergy Test GmbH) and Mr. Uwe Keilhauer (Technical Manager ExtraEnergy Test GmbH) will be glad to answer any questions.

Tel.: +49 366 4632980 (ExtraEnergy office in Tanna, Germany)



>> press release

Follow the latest news on the test spring 2014 at:

>> Facebook - event page

Copy, translation, picture: Angela Budde

31 January 2014
Last update: 13 February 2014



13th to 27th October 2018, Tanna, Germany
ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike riding test

24th to 27th October 2018, Tanna, Germany
ExtraEnergy Ergonomics Test

31st Oktober to 3rd November 2018, Taipei, Taiwan, Taipei Cycle Show

21st June 2019, Westendorf, Kitzbühel Alps, Austria
E-Bike Convention

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