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Best pedelecs honoured

On 6 March 2014, the ExtraEnergy Pedelec Awards were handed over to the winners of the pedelec and e-bike test 2013/14.

Ten of fifty pedelecs reached outstanding results in eleven different product groups. In April, the bilingual edition of the ExtraEnergy magazine will be published (German and English) at

The Award Ceremony was organized in cooperation with CYCLING & HEALTH TECH INDUSTRY R&D CENTER on 6 March 2014 at Taipei International Cycle Show. Eleven Pedelec Trophies were handed out to high-ranking members of the participating manufacturers.

ZEG (Zweirad-Einkaufs-Genossenschaft eG) won in three different product groups, Derby Cycle Werke GmbH and Heinz Kettler & Co. KG won in two different product groups. Klever Mobility Europe GmbH, Matra Manufacturing & Services, Riese und Müller GmbH and each won one product group.

The winners
PEGASUS PREMIO E10: light-footed and with decent levels of comfort, it will whisk you along the cycle touring trail - or across the town. It became best pedelec in the product groups Tour Pedelec and Family Pedelec. BULLS GREEN MOVER LAVIDA PLUS offers lively and luxurious rides round town, although longer, relaxed rides at the weekend are within its scope: winner of the product group City Comfort Pedelec.

If you like riding fast and far, and can do without a carrier rack, then you`ll be right at home on the Kettler Traveller E Speed: winner of the product group Easy Pedelec. The Kettler Boston E Race sweeps throght the city with a distinct dash: winner of the product group Lifestyle Pedelec.

Kalkhoff ENDEAVOUR IMPULSE S11 is a lightweight, fast e-bike for sporty bike rides or for the journey to the office: winner of the product group Sport Road Pedelec.

The FOCUS THRON IMPULSE PREMIUM is the e-mountainbike for hours of fun on singletrack and more. This successful all-round package is winner of the product group Sport Offroad Pedelec.

The KLEVER S45 is whizzing at high speed past the traffic on the way to the office. winner of the product group Business Pedelec. The MATRa i-flow Active N7 is one of the most affordable pedelecs in the test and excels for dignified, leisurely riding: winner of the product group Classic Pedelec.

Cargo Pedelecs
Whether it’s as a workhorse for postal deliveries, for a courier service, to carry supermarket shopping or as a child transporter, there are countless applications for a cargo bike.

But up to now these all came with a very serious disadvantage: to propel loads across town by pedal power alone took strong legs! No more: the introduction of modern electric assist motors has solved this problem. This is why the e-cargo bike is becoming ever more established as a credible, environmentally-friendly competitor to the car. Nowadays there is a really good selection of attractive models on the market, so it’s time to really get a feel for cargo bikes, and together with experts from the VCD Project “I ride cargo bikes”, to test seven cargo-carrying e-bikes.

First, the bikes were sent off for a first ride on the test track unloaded. After this they faced a second test ride, this time with a payload of 50 kg on board. Our first impression? Cargo cycling is different! If you’ve never before ridden such heavy two or three-wheeled bikes, you’ll first need to get accustomed to the sometimes shaky and heavy handling. But with a little practice, most models tested could be ridden without problems. And on the flat, thanks to the motor assist, they roll along really smartly. That said, for everyday urban transport use they showed that they could be true alternatives to using a car.

The Load Hybrid Tour of Riese & Müller is a lightweight, nippy and powerful cargo pedelec. It will carry goods, children and more even up steeper hills: winner of the product group Single Track Cargo Pedelec.

The heavy duty trike Musketier of copes well even on hills, but it does feel noticeably happier on the level. With a range of 106 km on the tour track, it won the product group Multi Track Cargo Pedelec.

>> photo gallery (flickr)

In April 2014, the ExtraEnergy magazine, including fifty pedelec test results, will be published in German and English language at

Enjoy test rides with some of the pedelecs of the test 2013/14 at the next open day at ExtraEnergy in Tanna on 24 May 2014.

For any requests, please contact Ms. Sandra Winkler (CEO ExtraEnergy Test GmbH):


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Text and photos: ExtraEnergy Test GmbH

24 March 2014



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