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Riding Test - 38 Pedelecs plus

The ExtraEnergy Pedelec und E-Bike Riding Test autumn 2012 is completed. A total number of 38 pedelecs plus participated.

The ExtraEnergy Pedelec und E-Bike Test is composed of Riding-, Ergonomic-, and Safety Tests.

Riding Test
The Riding Test takes place on an outdoor test track to get an accurate picture of the vehicle on an every day use. It is conducted with an unique and special developed measuring technology. The parameter distance, support, efficiency of the drive, average speed etc. are determined for tour, hill and urban track.

>> Aerial view of the test track

38 Pedelecs plus
Snow, ice, rain, and sun accompanied the Riding Test Autumn 2012. Despite weather-related disruptions, the test was successfully completed.

A total of 38 pedelecs attended the test, including 24 different brands and 2 prototypes.

Please note that the total number of test results will be extended with reissues. Reissues are already tested bikes which are still available on the market.

Bikes of the Test Autumn 2012 (prototypes excluded):

AsVIVA Wild Eagle
ave TH 11
Bulls Greenmover E45
Bulls Greenmover Lavida Plus
Bulls Greenmover Outlaw
Bulls Six 50 E FS
Diamant Beryll Deluxe +
Diamant Zouma Supreme +
Ebike R004 29er MTB
Giant Aspiro
Giant Talon
Flyer X-Serie Steer Deluxe
Haibike xduro rx
Kalkhoff Endeavour BS19
Kalkhoff Impulse Premium i8R
Kalkhoff Tasman Classic i8R
Kettler Berlin Royal e-Tour
Kettler Obra Comfort
Kettler Obra Plus
Kettler Traveller e-Tour
Kreidler Vitality Dice
Matra i-step Touring XA11
Pegasus Tour E-7
Pegasus Premio E-8
Pegasus Premio Nu-E
Raleigh Dover i360 Harmony
Riese und Müller Culture hybrid NuVinci
Sparta 501 RXS
Stoeckli Stoeckli e.t
Stromer Stromer ST-1
Utopia E-Support Ped.Roadstar
Victoria St. Vincent
Winora C3
Winora Faltrad
Winora S2
Zemo Scooter

Giovanni Alli brought "Bike+", a special kind of pedelec, from Italy to Tanna. Giovanni is Ph.D. researcher of the Politecnico di Milano Institute and in charge of the "mOve control team", directed by professor Sergio Savaresi. Further information on this fascinating Pedelec will be published soon.

Ergonomic Test
The Ergonomic Test checks daily and intuitive use of the participating pedelecs and e-bikes.

>> Ergonomic Test autumn 2012

Safety Tests
Since 2009, ExtraEnergy co-operates with the laboratories and SLG. From November to December, these labs are ready to inspect the vehicles to ensure mechanical and electrical safety.

Test Results
The test results will be available in the ExtraEnergy Magazine (print and online) from spring 2013.

Translation and picture: Angela Budde

14 November 2012
Updated: 6 December 2012



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