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Award Ceremony ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Test 2012

On 16 August 2012, the Award Ceremony of the ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Test 2012 took place on the ExtraEnergy stage in Hall B6 at ISPO BIKE 2012. ExtraEnergy warmly welcomes to visit the E-Mobility Hall until 19 August.

The winners of the ExtraEnergy Test 2012 can help consumers to find the most suitable Pedelec for their needs.

The Winners of each Product Category

Category Urban
Winner product category "Easy Pedelec": SINUS B4 10-G XT. Handed out to Sven Bernhardt, Public Relations Winora Group

Winner product category "Business Pedelec": RALEIGH DOVER 40". Handed out to Stefan Oelker, Direktor Marketing Derby Cycle AG

Winner product category "Mixed Mobility Pedelec": VICTORIA SNAP IT"

Category Comfort
Winner product category "City-Comfort Pedelec": BULLS SPORTSLITE PLUS, handed out to Franz Tepe, Director Marketing ZEG

Winner product category "Classic Pedelec": UTOPIA KRANICH, handed out to Ralf Klagges, Marketing utopia velo GmbH

Category Leisure

Winner product category "Tour Pedelec": KALKHOFF IMPULSE XXL 8C. Handed out to Verena Begemann, Senior Brand Manager Kalkhoff

Winner product category "Sport Road Pedelec": AVE XH5. Handed out to Benjamin Fuchs, development engineering GmbH

Winner product category "Sport Offroad Pedelec": GIANT ROAM XR HYBRID. Handed out to Daniel Schwerdtfeger, Sales Consultang Giant

Winner product category "Lifestyle Pedelec": FLYER X_SERIE TWENTYNINER. Handed out to Thomas Hummel, Director Sales and Execution Germany

Category Transport
Winner product category "Family Pedelec": KETTLER TRAVELLER E-SPORT. Handed out to Meik Dietz, Senior Product Manager Bike, Heinz KETTLER GmbH & Co. KG

Winner product category "Cargo Pedelec": GOBAX M1, handed out to Thomas Klotzbücher, Product Manager gobax GmbH

>> Photo Gallery Award Ceremony

Test Magazine 2012
Free Text Magazine until 19 August 2012 at ISPO BIKE in Munich. All test results (German language) here:

>> Test 2012: Pedelec und E-Bike Magazin plus E-Roller Test

ExtraEnergy warmly welcomes you to ISPO BIKE in Munich. Test ride more than 250 Pedelecs in the E-Mobility Hall B6. Please find the highlights here:

>> LEV Highlights ISPO BIKE 2012

Copy and picture: Angela Budde

17 August 2012




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