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Test 2012: Register now!

The next ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Test will start on April 16th 2012. Manufacturers can register their vehicles from today. The Ergonomic Test will be from May 11th to 13th. The first 10 registered volunteers get free accommodation.

The ExtraEnergy Pedelec and E-Bike Test is composed of 4 different tests. The Riding Tests take place on an outdoor test track to get an accurate picture of the vehicle on an every day use. They are conducted with an unique and special developed measuring technology. The parameter distance, support, efficiency of the drive, average speed etc. are determined for tour, hill and urban track.
The Ergonomic Test evaluates every day and intuitive use by  20 volunteers.

The laboratory tests are optional. They are carried out by ExtraEnergy`s partner labs velotech and SLG GmbH. Velotech tests the vehicles` mechanical safety. Electrical safety is tested in the SLG laboratory. Manufacturers who are interested in acquiring the GS seal can order the check additionally.

Vehicle registration now possible
Participation in the ExtraEnergy Test is limited and much in demand. 40 participants can be included in each test.
Early bird rebate for manufacturers until: 6. March 2012
Delivery of vehicles: 2. - 10. April 2012
>> Vehicle Registration for Manufacturers (PDF)

Riding Test
The Riding Tests will be conducted from April 16th to 29th in Tanna.
All relevant data is gathered on an outdoor track, specifically selected for the test. During the testrides all data are recorded with a specially developed measurement technology. The track consists of different subsections which simulate the different aspects of every day bike use.
About 7 volunteer test riders are required for the Riding Test.
>> Apply for Participation in the Riding Test (e-mail)

Ergonomic Test
The Ergonomic Test checks daily and intuitive use of the participating pedelecs and e-bikes. It takes place from May 11th to 13th at ExtraEnergy`s headquarters in Tanna. The amount of testers is reduced to a minimum of 20 volunteers who will evaluate performancy, comfort level and suitability of the bikes. As a part of the test, we ask participants to complete a questionary in order to evaluate their experience and opinion.

ExtraEnergy offers free accommodation to the first 10 registered volunteers. Precondition: Every volunteer has to judge each participating vehicle. Anyone can take part.
>> Apply for Participation in the Ergonomic Test (e-mail)

Opend Day at ExtraEnergy
On May 13th, media and visitors are warmly welcome to see the Ergonomic Test.
>> Registration for Open Day (E-mail)

Security Tests and GS Seal
Since 2009, ExtraEnergy co-operates with the laboratories and SLG. These labs are ready to inspect the vehicles to ensure mechanical and electrical safety.

In summer 2012, the test results will be published in ExtraEnergy and other media online and in print. ExtraEnergy secured a cooperation with the magazine „E-Bike“, published by Delius Klasing, with a print-run of min. 60000. The ExtraEnergy magazine reaches downloads of at least 40000. It will be published with a print-run of 20000 and handed out at the Test IT Show events.

>> Arrival and Contact

Copy: Angela Budde
Picture: ExtraEnergy e.V.

20 February 2012
Last update: 3 March 2012




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