Pedelec and E-Bike Test
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Next E-vehicle Test in Starting Blocks

The ExtraEnergy Spring 2011 Test will kick off on 11 April, when a row of new pedelecs and e-bikes will be put through their paces by a team of volunteer test-riders on a test track in and around Tanna. Manufacturers may still enter their e-vehicles for testing and the test-rider team is still short of two members. 

ExtraEnergy has been conducting independent pedelec and e-bike tests since 1993. In 2009 the organization started testing twice a year, to stay in step with the market and the proliferation of models.

The next e-vehicle test will kick off in Tanna on 11 April, when a team of 7 test riders will put the test fleet (fitted with unique, specially developed test equipment) through its paces on a standard test track in and around Tanna. The track consists of three sub-sections - a tour, hill and a city sub-section - where the e-vehicles are subjected to different stresses and strains.

There are still a few empty places in the test fleet and ExtraEnergy accepts late applications from manufacturers. Simply complete and send this form off as soon as possible:
>> Vehicle registration (for manufacturers / retail traders) (PDF)

The volunteer test riders come to Tanna for 2 weeks to test-ride and experience the latest models. ExtraEnergy provides accommodation and meals. Two of the seven places in the team are still vacant. Kindly apply by completing this form and sending it off to ExtraEnergy:
>> I want to join the team of test riders (E-mail)

Apart from test rides in Tanna, the Spring 2011 Test consists of an ergonomic test and a laboratory test. In turn, the laboratory test consists of an electrical safety test (conducted by the partner SLG) and a mechanical safety test (conducted by

The ergonomic test checks the practicality of the e-vehicles in everyday situations. Every test is conducted in a new location, to give many people the opportunity to experience pedelecs and e-bikes. This time it's the turn of the water castle Bad Pyrmont in Weserbergland.
>> More about the ergonomic test

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in the ergonomic test. Simply send the participation notification off to us:
>> Participation notification / ergonomic test (E-mail)

ExtraEnergy will open its doors to the public and media in Tanna on 19 April to give them a chance to witness the test activities, look around the e-vehicle museum, ask questions and take e-vehicles on test-rides. On 20 April visitors will be taken to SLG and velotech in Hartmannsdorf and Schweinfurt respectively, to witness the electrical and mechanical testing. The trip to SLG and velotech will cost 35 Euro per participant.
>> Register for Day of the Open Door (E-mail)

We look forward to your visit in Tanna!

Copy: Nora Manthey
Translation by: Christo Volschenk
Photo: ExtraEnergy

30 March 2011



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