Pedelec and E-Bike Test
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E-bikes and Pedelecs tested in Bad Pyrmont

The next public ExtraEnergy ergonomic test will be conducted in a very special location, namely the so-called Wasserschloss (water castle) of Bad Pyrmont. People interested in electric vehicles are most welcome to come and test-ride e-bikes and pedelecs of the current and next seasons in Bad Pyrmont from 6 to 8 May.

Non-profit organization ExtraEnergy has been looking after the interests of the consumer when it comes to light electric vehicles since 1992. Independent testing of pedelecs and e-bikes is just one way in which this is done. At these regularly conducted tests the latest models of electric vehicles are subjected to exhaustive tests.

Ergonomic test for everyday usability
The ergonomic test is a permanent part of the ExtraEnergy e-vehicle test and checks how usable vehicles are in the everyday by testing, for instance, their intuitive operability and practical suitability in mass-conducted public tests.

A precondition for reliable, representative test results is the co-operation of a big number of volunteer testers on location.

Testers are free to choose the e-bikes and pedelecs they want to test, and then conduct different tests, before evaluating the vehicles by completing a questionnaire. The more vehicles one tests, the bigger is the personal gain from the exercise and the benefit to ExtraEnergy.

Ergonomic test 2011 in Bad Pyrmont
ExtraEnergy got permission from the city of Bad Pyrmont to conduct the Spring 2011 ergonomic test in Bad Pyrmont. The castle Bad Pyrmont is central, weather-independent and has a very nice ambience.

Bad Pyrmont is located in the Weser Hills. The topography is hilly and the city itself is also dotted with inclines and steep hills. So, many people in Bad Pyrmont could benefit from the use of pedelecs and e-bikes.

By conducting the ergonomic tests in different locations, ExtraEnergy wants to give as many people and communities as possible the opportunity to experience the advantages of riding with pedelecs and e-bikes.

Registration and reservation
The ergonomic test will take place from 6 to 8 May 2011, everyday starting at 10:00 and finishing at 18:00.

People interested to test can register for the ergonomic test at ExtraEnergy.

>>Registration for ergonomic test 2011 (simply enter your name in this e-mail and send it off)
>>Impressions of Schloss Bad Pyrmont (photos)
>>Report on ergonomic test 2010 (in German with helpful video clip)

Copy: Angela Budde
Translation: Christoffel Volschenk
Photos: Angela Budde

3 February 2011



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