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Offer: ExtraEnergy consulting services

ExtraEnergy kicks off 2021 by launching consulting services in the LEV sector across the globe!!


With more than 32 years of rich experience in testing pedelecs and e-bikes and from being one of the most important actors for information, consumer protection and promotion of Light Electric Vehicles worldwide, ExtraEnergy now extends its service offerings with ExtraEnergy Consulting.
Electric mobility has started gaining momentum and EV’s have already started challenging internal combustion vehicles. The micro mobility market in Europe alone is expected to grow from 70 to 120 billion euros by the year 2030. Leading the way in the growth curve are e-bikes which are predicted to grow from 3.7 million bikes sold in 2019 to 17 million in 2030. The 2020 market numbers suggest, that the e-bike market already grew 23% despite several months of bike shop closures in many countries and severe pressure on supply chains. Because of the current e-bike demand and the support already committed by governments in terms of new infrastructure and purchase premiums for e-bikes, the Cycling Industries Europe (CIE), Industry association (CONEBI) and the European Cyclists Federation (ECF) believe that a yearly sales mark of 10 million per year sales mark could be achieved as soon as 2024. 
The change in mobility already started:
The transition to electric mobility affects everyone equally, whether it’s a start up, medium or a large scale organisation. Supply and demand in this market are increasing rapidly. The world has witnessed a fundamental change in individual mobility behaviour since the pandemic started in 2020. Companies planning to enter the micromobility field will need to start strategising right away in order to attain a solid, global position. A lot of companies have already started designing their strategies across this segment and are in need of assistance in order to move forward.
And this is precisely where ExtraEnergy Consulting, with a team of experts in the Light Electric Vehicle industry is extending its offerings in consulting services across the globe.
Who is the ExtraEnergy Consulting team?
The Team includes Hannes Neupert (Managing Director of ExtraEnergy Services GmbH) who has been one of the most important driving force in the LEV market since 1982 in Europe and is an active participant in almost all standardisation committees at the ISO and IEC level for Light Electric Vehicles, Dr. Mo Hua Yang (President of EnergyBus e.V) Ph.D expert in electrochemistry with a demonstrated history of researching and working in the energy management industry, with a focus on LEV and energy storage applications. He has played a key role in the field of lithium ion batteries since the 1990s. Chen Ding Wu (Managing Director of ExtraEnergy Services GmbH) who has been working both in the European as well as Asian market since the 90s in the field of e-bike fleet management and service strategies, thus having a vast industry network. He is also known as an LEV sales expert and adds an entrepreneurial mindset to the teams competencies.
What service is ExtraEnergy Consulting offering?
If your company is keen on having a business entry or diversification into the Electric Vehicle market, ExtraEnergy Consulting can provide strategic assistance to design a powerful roadmap, tailored to your companies core competencies. ExtraEnergy Consulting is looking forward to enable companies to capitalise on the changing world of micromobility, helping to build strategies through partnerships, investments and joint ventures. The team is focused on providing detailed services on LEV market intelligence, location and business models, technology transfer and are consistently working on a growing set of case studies to assist with market penetration.
Stay tuned for more updates!!
For queries please get in touch at:
Text: Prathyush Sreenivasan
Picture: Sreenivasan
Online publication: Angela Budde
14th January 2021



7 - 12 September 2021, IAA, Munich, Testtrack

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